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Annie McAdams filed the first groundbreaking sex trafficking cases in the United States against hotels, the trucking industry and giant technology companies. Annie McAdams has assembled a dream team of trial and appellate lawyers Backpage south tx an attempt to drastically disrupt the status quo in regards to how businesses are profiting from ventures of human trafficking.

Through her legal practice and impeccable reputation in the community for case success, Annie is using every tool in her arsenal to fight for anyone who has ever been victimized by human trafficking. Recognizing the complexity and the sensitive nature of working with trafficking survivors a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary team has been employed in-house at Annie McAdams PC to provide the best possible care and representation to our clients.

Human trafficking can affect anyone, no matter their race, gender, class or creed. Millions of victims exist in the US alone. Both Backpage south tx and adults can be trafficked either by being forced or coerced into labor services or sold or forced into commercial sex or prostitution. Just as sex trafficking victims are all around us, so are the traffickers. Traffickers start off by showing us Backpage south tx care and attention and even entice us with what might seem like exciting opportunities for a new life or financial success. Many traffickers may also kidnap victims or use violence or illegal substances to control them and force them into prostitution.

Just as anyone can be a trafficking victim, anyone can be a trafficker. The safety of our community is non-negotiable. If you or someone you know or love has been a victim of sex trafficking, please call McAdams PC immediately at or fill out an online form to get in touch with us.

All correspondence is completely confidential. Annie McAdams, as lead counsel, filed this ground breaking lawsuit filed on behalf of Jane Doe 1. This case is the first comprehensive sex trafficking lawsuit filed in the United States against Back, the hotel industry and trucking industry. Don't wait to take action. Contact our team today. Have you been victimized? What is human trafficking and how does it happen? Learn More.

Backpage south tx

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