Best way to do shrooms

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Michele Ross. Like most people, I had no idea what mushrooms would be like before trying them. Because taking magic mushrooms is serious business, if you prepare yourself and Best way to do shrooms surroundings with intentionality, take a safe dose, and have proper support, it can be a transcendental experience that can open up your mind to a new way of being. The most popular magic mushroom is Psilocybe cubensisbut there are over different species that contain psilocybin.

Although naturally occurring, psilocybin is a Schedule I substance in the US, but activists in cities across the country are working tirelessly to decriminalize magic mushrooms among other entheogens —and succeeding. Psilocybin mushrooms have been used ceremonially for likely thousands of years, and sacred mushroom ceremonies still exist in certain indigenous communities. The Mazatec people of the Sierra Mazateca mountain range of Oaxaca, Mexico, are considered the most knowledgeable on ceremonial mushroom use.

Studies, like this study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacologyat Johns Hopkins UniversityNYUImperial College Londonand other prominent institutions have actually found a relationship between the mystical qualities of psilocybin and its healing potential. Psilocybin has shown promise in studies for major depressive disorderand treatment-resistant depression.

Psilocybin is certainly not an escape from reality, even though it occasions such an altered state of mind. Psilocybin is certainly not an escape from reality… But mushrooms do often offer dramatically new perspectives on [life] that can help folks live more authentic and fulfilled lives moving forward. The key is being willing to accept and surrender your control to all experiences the mushrooms may bring, mental Best way to do shrooms physical. Sometimes the feeling resembles nausea or a sense of fatigue or heaviness in the limbs.

However, many folks see things breath, sway, Best way to do shrooms and move around, and your surroundings in general can seem bursting with ificance. Your other senses can be enhanced or altered as well, like touch and sound. The whole experience lasts somewhere between four and eight hours, averaging for most folks as a six-hour trip, but it can depend on the dose and the individual.

This is especially apparent toward the end of your trip. It may feel like your trip is totally Best way to do shrooms at hour five, especially compared to the intensity of your peak, but then another wave of the psychedelic experience can come over you. The reason is, you might be in a sensitive place. Instead, use that day to reflect on your trip, maybe through journaling, a walk in nature, or whatever speaks to you.

You can just eat psilocybin mushrooms whole—a lot of people choose to do that—and it is a kind of cool way to cultivate a relationship with the fungi. Your first time taking magic mushrooms is a big event, so the first thing you have to do is treat it like one. Meaning, you have to prepare, and with mushrooms, that looks like getting in a relaxed and open mindset and arranging a tranquil and comforting environment. Why, you may ask? Because when we go into a deep inner journey, we want to make sure everything on the earthly plane is ed for and taken care of, so we relax into the experience and release our control to the substance.

But essentially, the phrase encapsulates everything you need to know about tripping well. Trust : in yourself, in your environment, and in your tripping partners, trip sitter, or facilitator if you have one. The idea is, if you let go to these challenging feelings and accept them rather than fight them, there may be transcendence or big insight on the other side.

My book has a whole chapter on how to be a good trip sitter, which DoubleBlind has published an excerpt of here. Properly dosing shrooms is also critical to having a safe experience. The Shulgins i. But the safest way to take a new batch of mushrooms is to start low to get a feel for the way they make you feel, before diving into higher dose journeys.

So I recommend folks start low to get acquainted with how mushrooms feel for Best way to do shrooms and to practice your tripping skills before taking high dose journeys. Despite what you were taught in D. But the creators of the international survey even note that this is likely partly due to the special care, preparation and general knowledge of harm reduction that many mushroom users adhere to. Psilocybin mushrooms, and most psychedelics for that matter, are also not considered addictive because their experiences are generally too profound for compulsive use.

And so, this is where things get a little complicated, because mushrooms can give users very challenging experiences that can feel quite destabilizing to their whole world view. You can find tips for navigating a bad trip here. Plus, mushrooms can also disorient consumers, making them less aware of their surroundings and therefore possibly at risk for some kind of environmental accident or oversight. Read: How to Harvest Mushrooms.

For those of us with chronic mental or physical health conditions, tripping on mushrooms may be risky or at least require extra support before, during, and after your psychedelic experience. The shroom dosage, set and setting, and method of ingestion can all be customized for your own unique body. We have a small favor to ask. And we have committed to never having a paywall. Either way, please know that we value you. DoubleBlind Mag.

How to Take Shrooms Want to know how to take shrooms? Michelle Janikian has everything you need to know. DoubleBlind Mag is devoted to fair, rigorous reporting by leading experts and journalists in the field of psychedelics. about our editorial process and fact-checking here. Editorially reviewed by Madison Margolin. Table of Contents. Shroom Side Effects and Contraindications.

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Best way to do shrooms

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