Blue nose pitbull xl

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Atlanta, Georgia — 7. As you can see, our dogs live live it up.

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We are not a typical breeder. Our facility is equipped with plenty of room for daily exercise and playtime, clean air, friends, good food, and lots of love from family, friends, and anyone who meets the dogs and the rest of the family.

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Welcome to the puppy !! Below you will find a lists of any and all available XL American Bully puppies for sale as well as pricing and parent info.

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First, let me answer some questions most people have on how the process works. Example the litter is born and there are 8 pups. There are 4 males and 4 females.

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You get to pick first of all 4 male pups. You get to choose which pup you want before anyone else. It works exactly the same on the female side of the picks. A contract is drawn up and via which you can review, fill out,and send back on most any phone or device. Once deposit is made, we then off on the contract. We stamp the deposit paid and off on the remaining balance due. The system then sends all parties a fully executed document which serves as contract and receipt.

First picks would mean the deposit holder would choose first from all of the puppies of that gender before any other deposit holders are able to choose as explained above. The way our system is set up, it basically is a built in payment plan. The remaining balance can be broken up into payments of your choice, what ever is most convenient for you.

So that allows you almost 5 months to break up and pay off the remaining balance after the deposit is made. Yes, we ship domestically and worldwide. Any further questions or concerns, feel free to. Our puppies are healthy and we guarantee it. If you are looking for the top bully breeders Blue nose pitbull xl you wont find any better. Our productions speak for their self time and time again. We ship our american bully puppies all over the world and the United States of America. Some of the states Blue nose pitbull xl countries we ship to are. Our XL Bully puppies for sale to Australia may require uncommon documentation, uncommon vaccines and a short quarantine period for import of your XL Pitbull puppy to BR.

A microchip is not required to be implanted in your puppy before travel, however it is recommended. Proof of the rabies vaccine administered no less than 21 days and no more than 12 months prior to travel. Our American Bully Puppies will exceed all of your very high standards and expectations. We take pride in creating XL American Bully puppies that are loved all around the world.

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Quality means more than just a handsome puppy, however. We have over 20 years of research behind our dogs and it shows. If you are looking for a puppy that stands out in the crowd, look no further. We will have your new XL Bully puppy transported safely and in great health to your home in Alabama.

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Feel free to for more information! Or if you choose, we can have your new pup flown to your closest major airport. Some of the states and countries we ship to. Question: How do I reserve Blue nose pitbull xl pup? Question: Do you have a payment plan available for your Bully and Pitbull puppies? Answer: The way our system is set up, it basically is a built in payment plan. Question: Do you ship puppies? Answer: Yes, we ship domestically and worldwide. Yes they are the same breed, its a long story but in a nut shell they are the same dog.

Blue nose pitbull xl

email: [email protected] - phone:(676) 417-3150 x 4747

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