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Welcome to the home of the precious cactus, the infamous lophophora williamsii also known as peyote. You will find here information on how to grow a peyote cactus from seeds and care about all your favourite plants: lophophoratrichocereusastrophytumariocarpusbut also aloe vera and carnivorous plants. The main purpose here is to help, save, conserve and preserve lophophora williamsii and all endangered species.

We only sell seeds and plants in order to be ornament, and to save endangered species. Our purpose is to inform and share our passion, and refrain people from destroying such beautiful plants that can lead to early extinction. The peyote cactus, mostly the lophophora williamsii is endangered in the wild, we have to do something to protect it to stay in the nature. Our shop proposes only the most recently harvested lophophora williamsii seeds and healthy peyote plants. W e are not wholesaler and we propose sometimes different varieties but only recently harvested seeds in order to guarantee the highest germination rate.

Every order Buy peyote plant processed by hand, so you will have more seeds than expected. But the phytosanitary documents are available under several conditions, it takes time to make them and they may not be available for every country. to check if the phytosanitary can be made for your order. Of Buy peyote plant, if you choose to order a cactus without a phytosanitary, you order at your own risks, totally aware of your local laws and customs requirements.

For the lophophora seeds, shipping is guarantee, we hide them very well, all the future little peyote cactus will reach their new home. All transactions are bit encrypted and very secure. Our site is hacker safe Buy peyote plant payments are processed via our worldwide trusted third party payment procesor. At no time can we see or store your credit card details. If you have any question, here.

Buy peyote plant

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