Colorado springs basement for rent

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Post your requirement and get instant responses. Picnic and adult recreational areas as well. Private townhome within community. Schooll located within community and minutes to all services and highways. University nearby: Iliff School of Theology.

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This multicultural city is one of the safest places to live in the U. S, and there are around 0 basement apartment available in Colorado Springs, CO. You can get references from friends, family, and work acquaintance circle, or you can go online and request your needs and the location. There are plenty of sites available online. Rent a room.

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Find your roommate Post Your Need. Switch to Map View. Sorry, there are no listings matching your search criteria.

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Preference No-Smoking. How many basement apartment are available in Colorado Springs, CO? These are the following things you need to check before renting a basement apartment Long term costs Accessibility Lease terms Paperwork presentation Amenities Pet-friendly or not. The following steps might help you find basement apartment even if you have a bad credit score First and fore most manage your credit report Find basement apartment with no credit checks Talk to your landlord Provide proofs of your stable income source Get a roommate or a co-er to rent your basement apartment.

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Got a requirement? Post your need.

Colorado springs basement for rent

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