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Movies are the biggest source of entertainment in our lives and movie stars give us our daily dose of aspirations. Love and passion shown in movies have unconsciously become our tutorial for conducting our love and sex lives; we ape the Couples adult films and ideas shown in the movies so wonderfully acted out by our favorite matinee idols. So, it is no surprise when couples many couples like to watch movies no, we are not talking about porn here to get in the mood.

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In case, you and your partner are looking for recommendations that will make you fall in love with read: lust each other, then you are at the right place. The list also includes erotic movies for same-sex couples — be it gays or lesbians. Two insanely good looking persons engaging in the wildest sexual fantasies one can imagine is reason enough to book your tickets to this orgasmic treat of a film.

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The nonexistent cerebral maturity in their relationship is made up for by the intense display of physical chemistry. Despite being a hardcore erotic flick the film maintains a sense of mainstream commercial feel and all thanks to the high profile good looks and screen presence of the two le. And naturally, the two protagonists in this tale of love, lust, pain and suffering became Couples adult films sex symbols even if on a superficial level. They are placed on the bottom of the list because their passionate love affair is bereft of any sense Couples adult films purpose or novelty.

Carol is a wealthy, middle aged mother on the verge of a divorce. These are two people in different phases of life, from a different strata of society but the world around them is cold and indifferent to their feelings and desires and this is where they meet. With an amazing cast and a nuanced script, Haynes crafts a timeless story of love so full of warmth and humanity. As he tends to her wounds, she recounts the erotic story of her adolescence and young adulthood.

The film, however, surrendered the rating and was released without any MPAA rating. : Best Adult Movies of A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.

Sadomasochism provides the backdrop for a very unusual erotic romantic drama. Maggie Gyllenhaal shines in a bold performance. Lee wanted to bring in as much realism as possible and demanded the scenes be as realistic and visually explicit as possible which caused a big censorship issue in his home country.

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It featured full frontal nudity and Couples adult films were minute long sex scenes which reportedly took over 4 days to shoot. However, an uncut adult NC 17 rating was given to the film in the U. S which made Couples adult films considering the extremely bold visual and thematic content of the film. The title refers to the duration of the relationship between self-absorbed Wall Street banker John Mickey Rourke and divorced art gallery owner Elizabeth Kim Basinger. An arresting, sexy, provocative, and compelling erotic drama about relationships, dark sides to human beings, and exploring new sexual pleasures.

What begins as innocuous family drama, turns into a sordid passionate thriller. Revealing anything about the story would be dampener for those who go on to see it, therefore to keep it short, the film is about a wealthy lady seeking freedom from her insipid family duties, which arrives in the form of passionate love affair. However not only they will be getting married soon, but also her father who has proposed to girlfriend Elizabeth.

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Director Ricardo de Montreuil has given life to its characters in Couples adult films deep and impressive way. Besides great acting and direction, it also has a great script mainly because of its thought-provoking Couples adult films. This le to a game of revenge, secret and passion that will forever change that family. If you are looking for an erotic drama to rekindle some energy and excitement into your relationship, this is your film. The film follows Rebecca, a middle-aged women, who is stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage.

The two women form a friendship that goes beyond their sexual relationship. With plenty of sex scenes to boot and some healthy dose of drama thrown in, A Perfect Ending is a must try. Is it just me? Or most French films that I watch are sexy? This movie is kinda nice though the concept I guess has been done before. Anyways, the main character in the movie is Alex Lippi. He is a handsome man whose looks and personality can get him any woman he wants.

But he is not a man who does this because he wants it or is hardwired to have fun dating lots of girls. This time Alex has been given a job to sabotage the relationship of an Englishman and another beautiful lady. But their love is strong. Will Alex manage to do his job this time? Catherine Zeta-Jones is a phenomenal actress.

With the role of a sexy murderous diva, she shines in this movie. The movie is one of those sexy crime dramas where beautiful Couples adult films women are the murderers and would be bent on doing anything to get fame and exonerated.

Catherine plays the role of Velma Kelly an enchanting Vaudeville dancer. She has been incarcerated for murdering her husband after she found him cheating on her seriously you had Catherine for your wife and you cheat, man you deserved it with her sister. Roxie is another strong and beautiful character in this movie. Now both women want to be acquitted and they do have a chance in the form of hotshot lawyer Billy Flynn who is great at getting female wrongdoers exonerated and makes them celebrities.

The famous leg-crossing scene of Sharon Stone has become an iconic moment in film most people recognise from afar. Although not the essence of the film, it is part of the character she portrays, a rebellious bisexual crime novelist and first suspect of the murder of a rock star, Johnny Boz.

This murder is being investigated by Nick Curran Michael Douglaswho quickly becomes entangled in the whole twisted and mysterious case as well as in a sizzling affair with the beautiful blonde woman. Worth watching for its excellent crime story and intense and torrid cat-and-mouse game that will leave you glued to the screen wanting more.

Much has been written about their onscreen chemistry. One just need to watch the films they did together to understand what the buzz around them is all over. There is an ease in their body language which makes their chemistry so warm and palpable on screen.

Also they complement each other so perfectly. Although their choice of films made sure that they never engage in any out of bounds love making scenes onscreen but just like beauty sex appeal also lies in the eye of the beholder. And if you have seen them together you would agree with me. : Best Taboo Movies. Together they are the torch bearers of the 21st century pop culture. They are the epitome of living, walking and talking Couples adult films symbols.

The only other film they starred in — Mr. Couples adult films — is no gem either but it did its job of presenting its impossibly gorgeous le in a manner which entertained the audiences while maintaining their sex appeal intact all throughout. It is also said that their romance blossomed on the sets of this film. And the film turned out to be quite a crowd pleasure due to its explicit and no holds barred scenes of love making. It was, however, Diane Lane who stole the show with her vulnerable act; as a women torn between lust and loyalty.

She was doing the wrong thing yet still the audiences fell for her predicament. There was undeniable chemistry between the two and hardly left anything to the imagination in acting out their passion for each other. The depiction of LGBT romance in cinema can be defined as pre and post the aforementioned film. It stands out for the as it is and no-frills depiction of feelings between two individuals who defy gender and Couples adult films norms.

The actors — Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal — deserve all the accolades in the world for portraying two homosexual lovers because not many A — list actors would dare to do so. The testament to the dedication of the actors can be seen and felt in the way they portrayed the roles without a sense of preconceived notions. Revolutionary, to say the least! They are primarily European film stars and are known for taking creative liberties and pushing the envelope when it comes to expressing emotions of any kind on screen. The fact that they were real life husband and wife adds to the magic of their reel appeal.

Critics felt the film fell short of the book but the language of love overpowered a hit and miss screenplay and found acceptance among the viewers. Their spot on physical chemistry and suggestive gyrations made them youth icons overnight.

What happens when two inherently sexy movie stars come together for a thrilling ride involving prison break, guns, cars and Couples adult films toned bodies? Hell breaks loose and the temperature goes up to the maximum. They were of course aided by the able direction of Steven Soderbergh. : Best Incest Movies. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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