Dating a martial arts guy

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People who engage in regular martial arts often carry themselves a little differently. Look at guys like Steven Seagal, Bruce Lee, or pretty much any current UFC champ and you will realize something right away: these guys are oozing with confidence. Whether you are a female or a male, there are few things more attractive than being with a person who is supremely confident that they can take care of themselves and protect those that they care about. This is an undeniable fact; people involved in the martial arts are almost always physically fit.

They practice every day for nothing less than 4 hours and that is enough to keep their body in great Dating a martial arts guy. A male martial artist is endowed with six-packs and biceps and the female, strong waist and firm bust. Also, martial artists often treat their bodies like a temple and avoid things that will detract from their health. Arrogance is actually the result of low self-confidence and insecurity. When a person is unsure of who they are and lacks self-confidence, they often walk around puffing out their chest, criticizing others, and acting tough in order to project an image of confidence.

Someone with confidence is attractive, but someone with an ego twice the size of Texas is just about as annoying as a rock in your Dating a martial arts guy. Ego is the false projection of confidence, and it almost always le to bad things. Not only do Dating a martial arts guy artists have better stamina from being in great shape, but people in the martial arts are often much more in touch with their bodies, more balanced, more flexible, and more in tune with the bodies and reactions of others.

They are sensitive to touch and know how and where to touch their spouse to get the best result. Honesty, humility and respect are a characteristics of a martial artiste. They are honest to themselves, their masters and their colleges, it is therefore automatic to extend that respect to anyone they are dating.

Martial artists often devote their lives to those closest to them. Along with their strong values comes a strong sense of belonging and responsibility for and towards those Dating a martial arts guy love and care about. A martial artist sees him or herself as a tool to protect honesty, integrity, wisdom, truth, and all things good in the world. If a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts tells you they want to be with you forever, you better believe they mean it. They will probably stick with you through fights, adversity, challenges, temptations, and anything else life can throw your way.

The martial way is not one of violence and bloodshed, but rather one of patience, virtue, and peace. I am not saying that a martial artist is someone to walk on, just that they probably are the last person that will start screaming in your face. Have you ever wanted someone who just rolls with the punches, passes through life, and encourages you to smile all the time? A martial artist is a person who often takes things lightly, learns to exist within the flow of life, and finds joy in the small and passing moments that many of us take for granted.

More confidence, less ego, less anger, and a quiet dedication to the body and the mind: all these things make a martial artist a happier person. Martial arts require a high degree of concentration and focus in order to excel at practice or competition. The same powers of concentration that allow a warrior to seize an arrow out of the air or dodge a punch will allow your new partner to listen to your problems, offer solutions, and be a shoulder to lean on in tough times.

This is one of the first reasons most people who consider dating a martial artist think of. Martial artists are trained defendants, and can protect you from any attacker, armed or unarmed. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Dating a martial arts guy

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Top 10 Reasons you should date a Martial Artist