Do you believe in signs

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I find deeper meanings in everything. Does it move? Does it change? Is it something I can talk to? Is it our earth and the atmosphere around us? Is it Do you believe in signs souls, with the potential to live among spirits and ghosts? I used to go to church with my family as a kid Do you believe in signs I would try and try so hard to believe in the religion, but it all sounded like a story to me.

A beautiful story. I loved Joseph and how he treated Mary, I loved the story of the wise men greeting Jesus, and the story of Jesus being crucified always made me teary when I heard it. But I never thought it was real. But the great news is that there are so many religions that exist out there, so many spiritual beliefs. Anyway, okay. Getting pretty heavy for a blog post. Let me get back on track: the Universe. We live on an incredible planet. Foamy, puffy white clouds. Little whispers of clouds.

Bright blue, pale blue, dark blue. Sometimes clouds whip by at an amazing rates, sometimes the sunrise or sunset changes the sky slowly over the course of hours. One animal grows another animal inside of them? I mean okay sure, some lay eggs, but for mammals, this act of growing life inside you is so unbelievable. Your uterus creates life and you push it out into the world through your body.

And then that life breastfeeds from your bodyyou literally create and nourish life. I think the universe is life, and energy, and spirit and intention. I think your thoughts are part of the universe, and your words are too. I think manifestation and affirmations are real and powerful things. I think breathwork and meditation are these incredible ways that humans can like, access all that is inside of them. And just like I was told as a kid to reach out to your guardian angels and speak to them - I think the universe wants that from us too.

So many religions and spiritualities have names for this. Your guardian angel, your personal guides, Do you believe in signs messengers, your spirit guides. They all follow the same intention - that there is something, somewhere, looking out for you and wanting the best for you. All you need to do is interact. Ask your guardian angel for something. Tell the universe you want a of how to act next. Ask God for help. Call on your spirit guides to help you make a decision. The other night I was laying in bed around midnight. The paths were: get out of bed for a midnight snack, or keep scrolling on Instagram in bed.

Both very noble, spiritual paths. And then suddenly on my feed I saw this:. I paused and thought, huh, am I just thirsty? Just to see this very next post:. And I just sat up with this stupid smile on my face and gave a silent thanks to the universe. Was it the universe, or was it my guardian angel? Maybe it was just an algorithm glitch brought to me from Cupertino, California. But whatever it was just felt welcome and very needed. It felt like I was being looked over and cared for. Another way to see s from the universe is in repetition. I also see a lot. And then I thought about it and I was like…huh.

Religions have a mouthpiece for them - an idol or otherwise famous figure that people can reference and believe in. The universe is just…the universe. But I do believe that something out there exists, and our thoughts, words, actions and energy essentially can influence and tap into the universe. Affirmations and manifestation are things that can help you. You can think your life better, practice gratitude and find yourself more happy. Meditate and calm the thoughts in your mind. Go for a walk in nature and feel your problems fade by looking at something huge and not man-made.

Do you not believe that, but you like practicing gratitude and meditation? Or maybe you also see ? I would love to hear about your experience! Fluently Forward. Do you believe in s from the universe? Whatever it is, I believe in it - so strongly. And when I ask the universe for help, I do get it. And I do like having faith. I love the concept of faith. Until the next one, S.

Do you believe in signs

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