Does naruto ever hook up with sakura

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However, over the decades the franchise has been around, quite a few relationships became big parts of the story and shaped the way some of the characters encountered the world. Many of the relationships formed during the early days of Naruto have lasted well into the Boruto sequel series as well. Those that did are still going strong. They were torn apart by tragedy. And in some rare cases, the pairing in question never should have ended up together in the first place. Whether or not these two students of Orochimaru were every really a romantic pairing is up to interpretation.

If any relationship was the worst in the Naruto franchise, it was this one. They rank above Sasuke and Karin because, at the very least, these two were united until their year-old son became embroiled in an assassination plot. Knowing death was coming for them right before Itachi did, they stayed side by side and embraced their ends together. Sakura, especially as an adult, has a love for Sasuke that softens his Does naruto ever hook up with sakura lifestyle.

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During most of the Naruto franchise, however, that love was all one-sided. Sasuke consistently treated Sakura horribly while they were growing up, and she still had faith in him.

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Once they finally got together, he left her all over again to atone for his past actions. Just how long Dan and Tsunade were together is never made clear in the series. She was ready to marry him, but they fell in love during a time of war. Unfortunately, their relationship was cut short when Dan died in the line of duty. Tsunade was so traumatized by the loss and being unable to save him that she seemingly never pursued another relationship. Instead, she maintained an antagonistic friendship with Jiraiya for the rest of her life that she never allowed to blossom into more.

But what little fans saw of them together made it clear that they complemented one another. Though like his son, Shikaku was incredibly strong-willed outside of the home and in his line of work, he set his stubborn streak aside for his wife.

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Yoshino ran her home like a tight ship and Shikaku deferred to her. If they did, the couple might have been ranked higher. Asshe wanted Sasuke, but did she settle for Sai? Not exactly. Ino, prone to emotional outbursts and a need to be the center of attention, found her other half in Sai. Sai had to work to understand emotion, and his blunt honesty proved he found Ino more appealing than the rest of his friends. She taught him about emotion and he helped to temper her ego. Over 14 years, they got together, wed, and raised their own young shinobi. Shikamaru and Temari were one of the earliest couples fans could see developing in the franchise.

A few misunderstandings later, they ended up Does naruto ever hook up with sakura and raising a son. Temari might be treated like just another angry female caricature in Borutobut she and Shikamaru are still completely devoted to one another. Fans got to see hints of their relationship as the two were often spotted in the background together in the anime. Asuma had a quiet devotion to Kurenai, committed to protecting her and their unborn child so that the next generation could live on. If he had lived, they likely would have been raising their daughter together in the Boruto series.

Crushes and competing for affection, yes.

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But not love. Once the two of them were open about their feelings, they seemed to find a near perfect balance in their relationship. Naruto matured greatly, no longer prone to explosive outbursts. Hinata opened up more, no longer hiding in the background. Minato and Kushina met as children and became friends. Kushina was a fierce warrior in her own right and Minato trusted her judgment. Though he became the Hokage, Kushina was entrusted to house the spirit of the nine-tailed fox at his side. They fought for one another — and their village — right up until the end. Minato and Kushina sacrificed themselves so that their son could grow up, and even in death, their chakra showed their love for one another when Naruto encountered what was left of them.

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Does naruto ever hook up with sakura

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