Erotische massage Hungary

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You are welcome in the most popular boutique massage salon of Budapest, where You always receive professional and high quality services! Pieris Massage would like to offer you the heady moments that you can take in our discrete salon, where your dreams come true. Our Tantric Massage Budapest service is a special unique experience, providing a relaxing, full body massage, with a sensual tantric touch guaranteed to make your stress disappear.

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During your Pieris Massages, you will be lead on a journey which will not only help you to relax, but will work on reconnecting you with your body. Each day we separate ourselves from our body with some many qiuck fixes it le us to stat of unawareness which we as tantric masseuses try to rekindle.

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Each one of our massage rooms have been beautifully decorated using the proper lighting, ensuring our clients feel completely relaxed the moment they come in. In order to awaken your sensual side, we will use aromatic oils, scented candles, soft music and delicate skills.

Tantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning liberation. Ancient Indian philosophy of religion is a stream, originally a mystical form Erotische massage Hungary Hinduism, the essence of which is to complete our Erotische massage Hungary and to ascend above our physical existence. If we understand what is happening, then created of one earthly being, one body, one temple, one sacred place.

Erotic massage or sensuous massage is the use of special methods of massage techniques to achieve enhance sexual arousal. Has long been used for medicinal purposes. Of course, long been used erotic energy is released. You can use as well for some occasions, before having sex or foreplay or as the final sex act.

This erotic massage stimulates the erogenous zones on the body increases sexual arousal. Every part of your body in a tantric massage is honoured, caressed and respected in equal measure. It is essential that the attitude and mindset are of the correct intention so that the focus is purely on the sexually awakening aspects of it that influence the energy flow, rather than the concern being for sexual gratification or eroticism.

Even though the massage will likely feel erotic and sexual, this is not the purpose of the massage.

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It is important,that not only because of the sensuous pleasant surroundings, but also because of the attitude. Honor, honor, cooperation. We are honored to with cooperate with our energies and our consciousness to touch our soul through our bodies. Tantric massage is not the same as erotic massage, but it has erotic content.

It is an experience in which the body is a church that has been created for the discovery and respect of the soul in which the spirit — as a god or goddess may manifest itself. Tantra massage is an initiation in which the natural energy flows through the body and the divine being, the fire and the light are discovered.

Massage is also an opening that aims to combine sexual energy and desire with something bigger, something more beautiful than the ego. Tantra massage is to open the body and flow the life energy. Continuing the traditional tantric doctrines, before the sexual excitement occurs, it is necessary to open the channels of the body to cover the life energy kundalini. Pleasant, sensual massage deep gently removes tension that blocked the flow and prevented our own life energies in the free flow opening of channels, meridians and spine.

The spine is the place where the energies can flow the fastest. As a first part of the massage program, with Swedish massage, muscles around the spine are massaged, thus relaxing and isolated areas are released, providing space for energy flow in the spine. Subsequently, Kundalini massage allows you to open the energy channels in Erotische massage Hungary spine and body, creating a balance between left and right, male and female energies. When the meridians energy channels are opened up in the body, our physical body allows us to Erotische massage Hungary aware that we are other than merely a physical being.

We experience the flow of life energy and that we are part of the Universe. To be open and to connect sexuality with the heart and mind when opened, sexual energy can be awakened. In this state of consciousness, which is a deepened, meditative state, memories, fears, regrets, Erotische massage Hungary in the form of shame can emerge from the subconscious.

The body responds to this. The muscles, the basin, the buttocks and the thigh may be tightened. To resolve this, we continue the erotic massage, which is a smoothing, pampering, sedative caress at the chest, arms, diaphragms, the basin, then the outer and inner sides of the thigh. As a result, the heart opens because we sense that we are getting love and being able to absorb it.

This smoothing massage reduces resistance, releases the judgment and allows us to simply give ourselves the pleasure. We continue the healing erotic massage at the first chakra sex chakra where the Erotische massage Hungary accumulate. Stress creates a foundation for fear, a struggle that when healed, it will calm down and provide us with joy, openness and flexibility.

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The next step is the healing of Yoni or Lingam, a non-real erotic massage with the intention of healing the sexual organs as energy centers and interfaces. Erotische massage Hungary can not happen,if the expectation is not healinges or awakeninges. Any past negative experience could be stored at this point, resulting in insensitivity, pain, sexual dysfunction, disorders, fears, and insects.

By massage can to overcome these fears and able to dissolve inhibition. A heady moment Erotische massage Hungary our discreet saloon. Thai Bamboo Massage The bamboo massage is the newest and most exotic treatments from hot stone massage. Lingham Massage The Lingham Sanskrit origin and meaning of the column of light. What makes a Massage Tantric? Tantra massage is a sexual healer We continue the healing erotic massage at the first chakra sex chakra where the tensions accumulate.

The beneficial effects of sexual energie: Heal our body and mind. Awakens usto our true self and highest potential. Allows enlightenment to be realisedfor it happens within this human skin not as an escapism to another dimension.

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Encourages sex to be a whole body and loving experience without goals or agendas of the mind. Enrich our relationship with ourtrue self. Deeply connect us with another. Allow our senses to awaken, living a sensual life. Give us a immense pleasure and satisfaction. Release a creative forcethat weaves in and out of our daily lives. Unleash our potential as a spiritual being.

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Expand our consciousness. Bring a sense of presenceto our life. Reveal a way of seeing life without the illusions of the mind… Allow bliss to permeateinto each moment of life. Why you should choose Tantric massage? Experience of body consciousness Removes body barriers and releases energy flow If you only want touch If you would like to give an unforgetible common experiance to your partner, this kind of massage the best choice. Erotic massage is NOT sex massage! Pieris Massage. Erotische massage Hungary Now.

Erotische massage Hungary

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