Extras at a strip club

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How many people have looked down on you unfairly because of your job? More than a few, I bet, but that ivy league girl you went to high school with who has no daddy issues and a rich family is no better than you because she has never taken her clothes off for money. You are no better than a girl who allows people to touch her or escorts on the side based on her boundaries. Different things work for different people. Many girls have paid their way through school, travelled the world, or retired early on escort money, and really, if you do Extras at a strip club same with your stripper money, how are you guys any different?

The ONLY time it is OK to judge someone based on their boundaries is if you can tell they are in over their head, and it should be less of a judgement and more of an observation. Those girls need help, not judgement, and you are compounding their problems by shit talking them.

They are going through it, probably worse than you can imagine. Your kindness might be the difference between life and death for someone. Realize the impact of your words. The truth is, in one way or another we are all extras girls. I am not suggesting that you should give extra mileage to customers.

If you work at Extras at a strip club club with a few extras girls, consider yourself a regular old stripper. We can help each other, and that is a beautiful gift. Survive the Club. C June 6,

Extras at a strip club

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