Hanging out before dating

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She and I are just friends.

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Dating is a confusing world, and one of the aspects that makes it frustrating is the point you reach when you need to define what you are. If two people are casually hanging out, or simply hooking up, weekends are not a definite. Weekends are not a given when it comes to casual hookup situations.

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Weekends are reserved for hanging out with your friends, for potentially going on dates with other people, and for sleeping. But if he or she is, you may be on your way to officially dating. If they call you after work just to catch you up on how their shift went, or how that business proposal was received, it could be a that you are in a bit deeper than either of you may have intended.

If you both want to be exclusive with each other, it may be time to have the next conversation. This one can be Hanging out before dating. Some people are so close with their friends, or so social, that even a casual relationship can slip into the friend group.

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If you have attended weddings together, work parties, or family events, chances are you two are slowly walking toward official status. And friends are a big deal, too. If your friends all know them and have spent time with them on more than one occasion—and most importantly, like them—it may be time to upgrade.

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Have you posted a picture of this guy or gal? Have they posted a picture of you? Do you tag each other in sunset pictures because you were together when the perfect image was snapped? Social media can be silly and overwhelming, but one of the surest ways to know Hanging out before dating serious you are can be found in the midst of gorgeous photos on the web. You want to be together. Perhaps most important of all is how you actually feel. Chances are, if you feel good about it, they do too.

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Hanging out before dating

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