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I'siaonovln, Karlvillo, llnnilltou, MorHsvllle, Skaneateles. Address Frank A. Innes, Disiilet Miin. U l i:,i-it. Address- '. Cliailcs J. W ileh, 1J21 Soutli table Sauna St. H pay lor ilsclf. In a low yeais paid for. Plow nice a monthly ineor. Two-story, two-family house, stone cellar, eitv watnr, sewer, nice lot, BJ. Aveiith ward. BUYS Iwu-story, two-family ho ioe, stone eel-i hir water, loi 40 by On Caloh street, ' Just el t ' Unmet Ave. McVey, Bastable. NO JlariibOn Si. Stiicily modern, lino ocallon, paved street.

Adams Co. LiaiLible lluildlnK. Syn- uise. Apply Cential City KiislneEf. MS K Kiillna. Facial message. Cioiue Block. Three bai bci Colhur Son. Qcie, Milton Ave. IJ irmlern improvements, naved street, to close an cslato. Schiafft's, a J So. Salina St. Inquire ;,t Blk. Fol- i ums wieuiiK R. Fellow s, Wleling Blk. The Post-Standard Want Ad. Agencies For the convenience o Hot girls sex Syracuse New York wants u u u ard'advertisers, agencii s where want advertisements will be 'eceived have been established at var ous points in the city.

The rates foi want. Druggist, No. Bell tele- phono No. Indi pendent telephone No. Ball telephone No. Address E-5, font-Standard. OOO upwards in t'. We can offer great inducements. Over to suler. Easy' driving distance from Syracuse.

Don't write, como in and look over the big list. Farms of all sizes and dualities. Hardly a county in tlie state that our "Farm Agency" does not represent. Many small farms, walking distance from city trolley lines Samuel A. Seager Co, offices and agency 61li and Dillaye Baildlng, Syracuse. WbO eity w. Sinvm Asehu- Co. Address M.

FOR SAi. East Genesee St. UK lihc '! A in Won, l! In loeuting the b st hoube vaUieb possible for their luiu-earied dollars, u. Somet mn h'. I farm tills spring? Saundors, Block. What have you o offer? Don't wait, to-day Is the time. Andrews Real Estate Exchange, 40;! Bell 'phono Would place for Odd Follows who suffered recent Mo wry Block lire. Address A-l, Posl- 1'iicea rlg'ic. YOU wiiat ,; a list yon pay nothing lor it.

Fife, offices vill gladly show i. Ue oi mall you 30M Last St. ME "X work. Applv second flooi Co. Write or 'phone I'li. M-lcs H. Svriu-iiMu University, Monday morning.

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M two tn live vi-ai's' evperienoe. Also d pharmackt. Stato references and salaiy expected. Homo Teachei's' Aneni v. Merle's hons. Sen- ic- 'I raining l cit S. CM stl'. Central New York Realty Co. Felter, Granger Bloc! Out method of advo-nclng money tj serves this modem d.

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Loans on real estat 1life insurance policies legacies, commercial s, incomes, listed stocky, personal projienjf u : n i t u r e in use, nctes dibcountert. Packard, Private Bankers, jCirk Building. Wo mako a specialty of furnishing money to build and to farmers on stock. Tha oldest . S reasonable. Payments accepted! Private consulting room No. Household furniture. Make . Block Vi. R, Woodl'orti The Kl:k. PCavjga N. City or country.

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MLss Gary, i'ark Ave, 1,'tica. Post-ytanctat el. Andrews Ren". Ciirtlantl, plenty buildings, tine soil, timber, mako :. Felter, Gianger Bldtr. Buildings Hist class and cost more than o j r price for all; loiced sale. Cow; Might c x d a n p e for city 1'orses and tools at property. Robinson, Ml University.

Notes discounted. All business strictly conlldcnt. Love, miirriafc'idivorce, business troubles a n. Tells who ato enen.

Hot girls sex Syracuse New York wants u u u

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