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At that moment, at about p. First on scene was Line who was able to get to the house in under 2 minutes. He was at a Verndale restaurant when his r went off. Without his gear, he found it was too hot to enter the upstairs bedroom. Flames could be seen enclosed in that one room, where Alaina was just recently laid to bed. Fisher was close behind, hoping to help without access to his gear.

Within minutes of the firstothers from the Verndale Fire Department showed up and Fisher, now suited up, entered the upstairs window with Witthuhn coming in from the stairwell access. After dousing the fire, the two began a search of the room. The homeowners had set up a ladder to the second story window hoping to access Alaina from a different direction as flames were too intense from the stairway. Beier explained how visibility was poor and he had to find his way around by touch. He felt around on the bed but could not feel the girl there.

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He made sure to check every spot of where she might have been. She was only partially on the bed, her tiny hand still on the mattress.

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He handed her off to Fisher, who handed her to Ryan Schmitz another Verndale firefighterwho was at the ready on the ladder. In the minutes before firefighters arrived, Alaina's mother Liberty and grandmother Karen were attempting to make it to the girl.

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In those attempts, Liberty and Karen both received burns. Liberty was hospitalized due to her burns and smoke inhalation. In being recognized for the efforts, Hot mom in line at Duluth Minnesota today humbly said that he looks at himself as a tool among many tools used in this situation to get the job done. Verndale Fire Chief Mike Men said they got lucky in getting an ambulance in time, too.

Fisher just happened to be the first one with gear in the house to put out the fire and help search. The men said their training helped them know just what to do in the situation. Men said he was proud of the way the crew handled the situation. So these are well deserved. Fisher has been a firefighter for about six years, Witthuhn, 11 years; Line, 14 years; and Men, 16 years. Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr met with the Verndale and Wadena Fire Departments and thanked them for their selfless actions and quick response that night. The added recognition for those four men was noteworthy as they each had a role in making sure Alaina would live another day.

She celebrated her second birthday on June Alaina is still recovering from her burns in the Twin Cities and her mother and grandmother remain there helping her to grow stronger each day.

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She has made ificant strides but still has ificant healing where she was burned so badly. She is healing very well.

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But she still has a very long road to recovery. Alaina still needs a lot of prayers! Trending Articles. People Central Minnesota firefighters recount saving little girl from devastating house fire Several men entered a burning building on April 7,pulling month-old Alaina Schultz from the blaze and saving her life. Written By: Michael Johnson pm, Jul. Alaina left and Liberty Schultz, daughter and mother, remain in critical condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center burn unit.

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Hot mom in line at Duluth Minnesota today

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