How long does weed high last

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At Elevate Holistics, we thought it might be helpful if we shared some information on what you can expect with your first medical marijuana experience. Without getting deeply technical, what you need to know is that THC is the active ingredient that produces the high.

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Like everything else, the length of intensity and the overall duration of your reaction depend on the factors we mentioned above. Possibly the easiest way to understand how you will respond to any certain product, strain, or dose is to compare-and-contrast with a sample.

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Once you begin How long does weed high last feel the reaction, the peak lasts about 1 to 3 hours, with the overall experience lasting about 9 hours. Some medical marijuana users find edibles can be tricky since the active ingredient THC is absorbed through your digestive system and therefore takes longer to effect your condition. So, for edibles, moderation is recommended.

THC is the compound in marijuana that is most responsible for the high, while CBD is less about the feeling of euphoria and more connected to the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of medical marijuana. Strains that are higher in THC will produce a more potent high, while the CBD-heavy strains offer more physical comfort with a higher level of cognitive and physical functioning during use.

Your dispensary staff is indispensable during the discovery and dosage process. They will have the knowledge of their products and the experience to help you find what is right for you. Each strain has its own properties, so when you visit your dispensary take advantage of the knowledge the staff is able to share. They know the strain-specific information and helping you find the right product is what they are really trained to do.

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In general, many people experience feelings of euphoria and as the effects begin to wane, that euphoria is generally replaced with drowsiness. Some experiences include creativity, a warm sense of calm, increased appetite, or even motivation to get up and get moving. Other strains produce couch-lock, or general immobility, which is beneficial to many suffering from insomnia or muscle pain.

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It all just depends on your genes and the specific makeup of the product. Again, ask your dispensary staff! Some people find that a high may be too intense for them, and there are ways to combat that. Elevate Holistics is a Missouri focused online cannabis clinic focusing on helping aspiring MMJ cardholders get compassionate service along with valuable resources to assist them on their cannabis journey.

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How long does weed high last

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How Long Does A Cannabis High Last?