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How To Impress A Woman. By the worlds 1 dating coach for Introverted Men - Nick Neeson. Is there a woman in your life that you would like to ask out on a date? Maybe a girl from work… your hobby club…or that cute chick at the grocery store? I remember a conversation with one of my clients, John. John met this amazing How to ask a woman at work.

She was really beautiful and exactly his type. They talked all the time, and they actually got a long quite well. Still, John was petrified to ask her out. What if other people find out about it? My reputation at work would be damaged. And John is not the only one in this situation.

In fact, most of my clients face this problem initially. You just need to understand the mechanics of how to do it with ZERO chance of rejection. You will literally have ZERO chance of rejection. Sound like a stretch? But then I discovered that the way you ask a woman out depends on the circumstances. Mastering this skill is very important. Yep, the fact that you do this correctly will make you more attractive in and of itself. Luckily, there is a simple method you can learn in minutes that almost always gets you a yes.

Let me first start by telling you some things you should not do when asking her out. The three biggest mistakes men make when asking women out. Asking comes across as weak. So, if you do it in a VERY confident way, then you can ask. Instead, suggest going out. This comes across as less needy, and more dominant and confident. Women love confident, dominant men. Confessing your feelings. The worst way to ask a woman out is to use the confession approach. Some men even write women long love letters or s. This is a big no-no. The reason it repulses women so much is because it is a very needy thing to do, and neediness is the -one attraction killer.

Think like this: would Brad Pitt thank a woman if she agreed to go on a date with him? Of How to ask a woman not. Would he act all excited, like a puppy? I suggest you do the same.

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And leave. Besides asking a woman out the wrong way, there are also places you want to avoid on the first date.

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Getting her to agree to go on a date means nothing if that date goes nowhere. Inviting her to a restaurant will decrease the chances of her accepting. Think about it. It positions you as a provider instead of a lover. She might think you want to buy her affection.

The movies. This also is a bad idea. How can you get to know her if all your time together is spent at the movie theater? When you go to a bar or place where all her friends are, there are many things that can go wrong. First of all, as an introvert, socializing with big groups of people is probably not your favorite activity. Secondly, she will be talking to her friends and you will feel like the fifth or sixth, or seventh… wheel.

Next thing you know, that jealous person will tell her you are weird and it will screw up your chances of seeing her again. If she really insists, there is a solution to this: bring your friends too. But again, as an introvert one of your biggest How to ask a woman lies in creating deep connections in one-on-one conversations. The way you ask women out depends on two variables: 1. How attracted she is to you 2. Tweet This.

Here are eight steps to follow: 1. Prepare in advance. Use the strategy matrix I showed you earlier in this article to prepare the right approach to asking her out. Have the right body language. Use confident body language.

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Stick your chest out, hold your shoulders back, and keep your chin high. This has as an added benefit that you will actually feel more confident. Start a conversation with her. Find commonalities, pay attention to things she likes, and seed some date ideas based on that. You should aim to seed two or three date ideas during your conversation. You do this by talking about things you like to do and things she likes to do. Then, use this information to transition into seeding date ideas. We should go there sometime.

She will imagine herself in multiple places with you.

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Her mind will take over and do all the hard work for you. She will become more attracted to you because she is thinking about you and her in different situations. Arrange the date right then and there. You can do this by finding out her schedule, and then suggesting a day that works for both of you. If you used the strategy matrix correctly, there will be no negative impact on How to ask a woman, and you can still ask her again another time. We talked about this earlier. Wait to text her until the day of the date. Doing this will make her think about you even more.

The mix of seeding multiple date ideas, plus having the date day, time, and location already confirmed, combined with you not calling or texting, has an atomic effect on women. You see, most guys will immediately start texting and calling women to OVER-confirm the details of their date. If you do the opposite, you will stand out. Then her desire to see you will just keep growing.

Text her the morning of the date day. Or, she might not reply at all. This is a test.

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Just go to the cocktail bar How to ask a woman She will come. Because you used the strategy matrix, there will be no negative impact. Instead you positioned yourself as that confident carefree men. Because of this, other women at work will probably start checking you out as well. And just like that… You just learned how to ask a woman out and get a yes. Choose a woman that you want to ask out. Use the strategy matrix to choose the right approach to asking her out.

Rehearse the eight steps of how to ask her out. Mentally rehearse a few conversations. In those conversations, use the different topics from which you will do date seeding. Simulate different possible ways the conversation can go and how you will transition to different date seeds. Also, be sure to simulate how you will find out her schedule and suggest a day and time to meet up. Visualize for 20 minutes.

How to ask a woman

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