How to be emotionally strong after break up

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There is no weaker or more vulnerable time in our lives than that following a breakup. Staying strong after a breakup can feel impossible. This is why breakups rarely stick after the first attempt. You usually need to hurt each other several times before it finally becomes permanent. So what are the secrets? How can you stay strong after a breakup so How to be emotionally strong after break up can move on to better things? There is no way around it. You need to confront your grief and deal with it. Heartbreak can be incredibly lonely and isolating. You feel like this pain is yours and yours alone and no one else can possibly understand how you feel.

Yes, every relationship is different, but a broken heart is a broken heart. Pretty much everyone has been there and we all understand. I have been to the deepest darkest depths of heartbreakthe soul-shattering, self-esteem ruining, questioning everything about myself place. And I felt like I was embarking on the road not traveled, like no one in the world could ever understand. But plenty can.

And this is a big reason I started ANM. I wanted to give expression to the feelings so many of us experience in isolation. You have to let those painful emotions out or they will continue to circle throughout your being and eat you alive. Maybe you feel foolish, maybe you wish you could be stronger, but denying your feelings will just make things worse. Let yourself cry, let yourself feel sad, let yourself scream and be angry. Just let it all out. But put a limit on it. Give yourself grieving deadline. Allow How to be emotionally strong after break up until X point to feel sorry for yourself and after that, pick yourself up and make a resolution to move on.

Personally, writing is extremely therapeutic for me. When going through a breakup, I used to write letters to the guy that I never planned to send. Or maybe you wish you had said certain things differently or explained yourself more clearly. No matter how many times you try to hash it out, you never feel satisfied. A breakup can bring out the drama queen in all of us. Take a look back at your writing and see how you might revise some of your statements. Nothing is going to work out until something does!

Also, watch out for areas where you idealize him and the way you felt. When someone ificant is no longer in your life, there is a big gaping hole in your heart. One way to fill it is with the love and support from other people in your life. It may not plug it up completely, but it will do the job so that you can breathe a little easier and just be able to get through the day without completely unraveling.

Sometimes it may even help to talk to a good therapist, or even a life coach or spiritual adviser. There is nothing like an objective third party to really help you gain clarity and perspective. Like I said, almost all of us have been there. Seeing other people who have been through the depths of despair and emerged will encourage you and will make you realize that someday you will get past this and you will find happiness again. If you want to move on, you have to cut off contact completely.

Right now, your focus is on moving on and staying strong. How will you get over him if you have a huge framed photo of the two of you looking happy and in love right next to your bed, or if you never take off the bracelet he bought you for your birthday?

You have to get rid of all of these things. As far as digital reminders, delete delete delete. Stay busy. Go out with your friends, go see a movie, take a long walk in the park, maybe even try to go on a small trip with your girlfriends going to a new destination where there is no chance of running into him can be highly therapeutic.

Take up a new hobby or try a new class. Another great way to stay busy is to exercise! This will keep you busy and get your endorphins pumping, which will make you feel amazing. Challenge yourself by trying out new classes. A breakup can take a devastating toll on your self-esteem. You may spiral into thinking terrible thoughts about yourself. Stop all of that immediately! You have full control over the thoughts that mind. You can choose to think positive. When negative thoughts creep in, just kick them out. Think about your attributes, think about what you have to offer, think about the people in your How to be emotionally strong after break up who truly care about you.

This is where to put your focus rather than feeding the negativity monster and giving it more control over you. A breakup can be an enormous time for personal growth if you do it right. If you handle it wrong, you can be the cause of your own undoing. The choice is yours. We all have something that drives us and makes us feel alive. Do that thing! Get back in touch with who you are at your core. And try and have fun! Spend time with people you love who make you laugh … and try to laugh a lot! Try to get out as much as you can and do things you love with people you love.

This is a major buzzword these days, and there is no better time to play the selfcare card that after a breakup! Treat yourself to a massage, a manicure, a facial, or all three! I would be careful about making rash decisions like a new haircut or color.

Think it through and consult some of your girlfriends before potentially making a mistake! But the point is, treat yourself. Do things that make you feel good and enjoy every second of it just also be sure to be responsible and not max out your credit cards! There is no better way to get out of your own head and forget about your own pain than to give to others.

And there are countless ways to give back. Wherever you live, I guarantee there are charitable organizations you can get involved with. Giving to others is a proven way to feel better about yourself. Giving takes us beyond ourselves and can boost our sense of compassion. It will also make you feel good about yourself to feel like you are making an actual difference in the world. The final stage is about acceptance, letting go, and moving on. What did I do in this relationship that I will never do again? What did I learn about myself in this relationship? How did this relationship help me grow as a person?

In what ways did I compromise who I am for the sake of the relationship? What did I learn so that I can be even better in my next relationship? Try to identify if this relationship was part of a pattern. Do you repeatedly go after the same kinds of guys and experience the same painful endings? If this is the case, you need to identify why this is and why you keep going after things that are proven to be not good for you. Also look at the type of guy he is and compare that to the type of guy you usually go for. What do How to be emotionally strong after break up have in common?

Maybe you need to re-think what it is you think you want and need in a partner. Maybe he did something inexcusable. Forgive him for what he did and try to just move past it. Put this sort of spin on it instead of seeing him as an evil person, and then taking it a step further and deeming all men evil scumbags.

How to be emotionally strong after break up

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How to be strong after a breakup: The biggest key to success!