How to become a submissive woman

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Find out how to be a submissive wife How to become a submissive woman what the bible really says about biblical submission. Plus, learn 5 easy ways to submit to your husband and shower him with love every day! Tired of his tools and clutter laying around, I aired my frustrations in no uncertain terms.

I loudly spoke my truth, and there was no stopping me. Deep down, I knew I could have shown more grace and kindness. We love, respect, and trust our husbands. But, we also have a side that thinks we know best — and we want How to become a submissive woman do things our way. So, what should those of us do who are submissively-challenged as wives? How can we learn to submit to our husbands? Special Note : Most importantly, make sure your life is submitted to God first. There are lots of misguided teachings surrounding this topic! Even though I am far from a picture-perfect example of submission, this study is beneficial for me and I hope it encourages you, too.

We often answer this question from the knee as it lunges forward in a Kung Fu-style reaction, kicking the male chauvinism back with a resounding NO! But, we cannot escape the fact that the Bible clearly teaches submission to husbands in Ephesians 5. No matter how you feel about the topic, lay aside any bias at the altar of trust in God and see what the Bible says about wives submitting to their husbands.

When taken in context Ephesiansyou will come away recognizing there is providential balance and mutual respect in the Biblical marriage relationship. So we see that true biblical submission is an active role that we choose How to become a submissive woman take on as wives, to recognize the authority God has set up and to be subject to it. It is not brought about by some chauvinistic man holding a woman under his thumb. Instead, it takes a spiritually strong woman who realizes the importance of the God-given role of submission. The audience who received these instructions were Christians.

The male and female members of the Church in Ephesus had already submitted to the Lord and to each other Ephesians It is in this context that ideally, husband and wife have both already submitted to the Lord. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands. Jesus, the head of the Church, gave himself in death for the Church. Jesus was not selfish with this role, and neither can a husband be with his wife! I love how Drs. Cloud and Townsend put it in the well-known book Boundaries:. Whenever submission issues are raised, the first question that needs to be asked is, What is the nature of the marital relationship?

So, the healthy context for biblical submission happens when both husband and wife are under the hehip of Christ. God gives husbands a responsibility toward their wives, and we as wives have an equally great responsibility toward our husbands. But, the caveat is that he must know you are submitting to Christ, first and foremost. When we control things ourselves, it may give us a temporary sense of satisfaction. But allowing my husband to lead actually takes a lot of the pressure off me in day-to-day life. I have enough to worry about with caring for children and completing my other tasks, it is actually a relief to allow my husband to lead and not feel like I have to control every little thing!

According to His de, He knows that living in a state of submission to a loving husband will contribute to your highest state of happiness in marriage. At the end of Ephesians 5, children are instructed to obey their parents in the Lord. One of the best ways for them to learn this is by observing a devoted mother who submits to her husband, and their father who submits to the heavenly Father. What a joy! When we display a spirit of submission to our husbands in every way we can, this is sure to lead to a calmer and more contented marriage.

When you show your husband how much you are trying to respect his role as leader of your family, chances are that he will be thrilled and shower you with his love and affection in return. But how do I become a submissive wife? Thankfully, there are a lots of small things we can do that all add up to showing a spirit of submission.

Here are some simple ways we can all show more submission to our husbands, regardless of how easy or challenging it may seem. This means you are divinely-appointed for the task! I will make a helper suitable for him. Take a moment to brainstorm. Think about the talents you possess and how you might best use them to bless your husband:. Are you super organized? Make your living space beautiful How to become a submissive woman help your husband organize his schedule. Are you a great cook?

Use this talent to fix his favorite meals and snacks without him asking. This will make him feel loved! Are you a people-person? Accompany him to social gatherings and host get-togethers in your home. Make a point to invite his family and work friends over. Whatever talent you uniquely possess, there is a way for you to use it to the glory of God and the benefit of your husband.

Get creative! There are so many ways to make your husband feel important and loved. Then, knowing how your husband feels best loved How to become a submissive woman appreciated, work on implementing some new things. Greet him when we comes home from work, spend more time conversing with him, cook him nutritious meals, fix him lunch, or iron his clothes. These are just some ideas — there are tons of ways to make your husband feel important! Doing small things for your husband throughout the week adds up and will make your husband feel like he is the most important person in your life.

But try, whenever you are able, to put his needs above the needs of the children. My stubbornness makes it challenging to keep my mouth shut at times. Speaking with respect at an opportune moment is even better! I think about how hard he works, often to come home and continue to work fixing things around the house.

He often helps with dishes and other chores, plays with the kids, takes the time to listen and support me, and even brings me coffee in bed! Take a few moments to mentally list all the wonderful things your husband does in a typical day. And one easy way to show submission to your husband is to verbally state your gratitude to him. Pray fervently that God will develop a heart of submission in you.

If you go through all the motions of helping him, holding your tongue, thanking him, etc. Our hearts. And submitting to your husband is a part of that. But I want to please you in this way and I know your plan is best. Please soften and transform my heart so I can submit to my husband the way you want me to. You also have to trust that what God said is best. Having a submissive spirit may be the total opposite of how you were raised. Are there other ways you display submission to your husband? What would you add to this list? Mary is a minister's wife, mom of two How to become a submissive woman, and former missionary to Scotland.

In her free time, you can find her with a cup of hot tea and a stack of books -- or watching a new BBC series. Truly inspiring,I did not even know I was not submissive. May God help me and every other woman trying to learn to be submissive,Amen. Thank you for pointing all these out and writing. God bless you and increase in wisdom too. I just followed you on Pinterest,kindly follow back. Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to become a submissive wife.

I struggle with control issues. My father was not a part of my life so growing up with happily married parents and a submissive mother was not part of my upbringing. Therefore I tend to rely a lot on myself and it has definitely caused many problems in my marriage, I have come very close to destroying my marriage.

I too am stubborn and I am easy to irritate. How do you navigate things when you suddenly find out there is going to be a party at your house in 24 hours or when told you have handled a parenting situation incorrectly but there is no other solution offered? These areas are where I really struggle to keep my mouth shut and are often sticking points.

Areas where the end result is feeling unsupported and disrespected. There are difficult moments for sure! None of us are perfect. I think these are moments where prayer and honesty with your spouse are paramount. I think we can still be honest with our husbands and expect good treatment and respect, while still being respectful to them. Blessings to you. Thank you so much for this! It has lead me to a more clear understanding.

I do sometimes but then fall back into the pattern of taking control. My husband is very laid back and rather me be in charge. My husband dictates what I can and cannot say or do. I think our men have a huge need to be right. Perhaps they have self-esteem issues; then again, we must ask ourselves have we caused this and what can we do about it. Of course we are entitled our our opinions, but our husbands will fight for their leadership roles if they feel they have to.

There is a mutual responsibility of the husband toward the wife as well. We will not understand Ephesians wives submit without the full context of husbands responsibility toward wives. Just pray for your husband and I encourage you both to study Ephesians chapters It helps know that the roles in marriage are in the contexts of all How to become a submissive woman to God first before submitting to one another. I hope this helps. I was always meant to be under my husband in the submissive wife marriage.

I have placed myself whole heartedly in this way of life and living. My husband is still finding his way in this but I know as he sees that this new me is here to stay he will be more confident in leading, guiding and protecting me. I thank God for your blog and your wise council.

God bless you richly. My husband has cancer. The treatments are going okay, but his cancer is aggressive. He wants me to promise to marry his widowed cousin, if the cancer wins out, so that the kids and I will have coveringbe financially secure, etc.

He claims that biblically speaking, I need to submit to his wish. Is he right? He wants me to promise to marry one of his cousins, who recently was widowed so that the kids and I will have coveringbe financially secure, etc. While I cannot advise you on this most important decision, I will say that your first allegiance is to God. Submit to Him, study and pray, and follow your heart. He will show you what to do.

How to become a submissive woman

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How to Be Submissive In A Relationship