How to put a pic on myspace

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YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - About. I get this question a lot, so I opened my own myspaceand enlisted the help of a buddy to try it out. In order to post a picture into a comment, that picture must already be ed and on the internet somewhere. Naturally, make sure that you follow their guidelines for allowed uplo:. The picture you just ed should be there. Click on the image to view the full picture. Now, right click on that photo, and select Properties. You should see something like this:. You can dismiss the properties dialog when done. Now, in that commentwhere you want that picture, enter this:.

Make sure you copy it exactly. Subscribe to Confident Computing! NOW: name your own price! You decide how much to pay -- and yes, that means you can get this report completely free if you so choose. Get your copy now! We have a policy to prevent hotlinking of images. I love this website so much that i printed out multiple copies of just the web and glued them all over my walls. I wish a person could marry a website, because How to put a pic on myspace I could then we would be on our honey moon. What if I want to put into a comment a picture that is from a password protected website like Ofoto?

Is there a way to do this or do I have to the pic to somewhere like myspace?

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Myspace seems the right place for this. I want to put pictures of people on my myspace without putting them in view more pics. How can I do that? How can I put a picture of a famous person on my profile on myspace? Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch for your help! I knew how to get the URL, but not what to do with it. Blud that really helped! I was tryin to do it iwv some weird : style code but never workes. Please leo!

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Help me!! I really wanna know how to put an icon under my myspace pictures!! I use a PC so your instructions worked perfectly!

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But my roommate uses a mac and is pretty frustrated. What to do? Your response to this question posted was VERY helpful! Thank you! I appreciate your help. I left you a dollar for your generosity on the helpful response to the question posted by someone. Your answer helped me a lot! Take care, Michelle. Like under general, interests, and all that how do they get pictures there? Please help asap!! To put a picture…First,get your free at photobucket.

a picture from your hard drive onto your photo album. Your an idiot. Thanks for overcomplicating things. Thanks K. Thank you very much for the step by step instructions on how to a picture into the comment box on myspace. Your directions are clear, ditailed and easy. Thanks, BYE! Thank you How to put a pic on myspace much! This was a HUGE help.

BUT is there a way to take pictures off my digital and put them in comments without publishing How to put a pic on myspace online first? The info was very helpful. Help me out…please. I was wondering in the acctual myspace profile how do you put pictures in the part where it says headline? How do I place a picture from my computer, onto my myspace profile…Not ed in the picture section, but anywhere else on the …. Open a Photobucket. I also would like to know how I can add more than 12 pictures.

My friend logged on to myspace one day and she was allowed all the pictures she wanted. Please help me. I see alot of people have more tha 12 pictures on there myspace. How do you do this? Is it a code or something? Please help. Do you know why this is happening? How do i put a pic from my prepaid verizon cell phone onto the website myspce.

Cause i dont think i have a cable for that. Please reply asap with your answer please and thanx for your help. Hey i was wondering if u can a pic on2 a comment if its not on the iinet, just in a file thats on ur desktop…can u plz me and tell me if this is possible, and if its not tell me wat i can do….

Hope this helps. How do i creat a URL for a picture that is not on the internet? I saw that Michelle asked the same thing and cannot read the How to put a pic on myspace to her question. How do put my picture on myspace so that when people get my messages or when we talk they will see me?

How do i make my entire myspace turn completly greyscale? I followed thr above instructions but my comment posted just the URL not the picture. I know I copied it correctly because if you cut and past the URL you can see the picture. Leo can you help me!?! See like it might of worked… but didnt i left a comment and theres a whole bunch of code in my comment… it worked at first when i looked at it before i click post comment but then at there site it went back to codes. I have tried to put a picture in the picture caption, but the caption is too small to put the url in there.

At all. This method works but I think it is far too compilcated for the average computer user. The most simplistic way that I use and think just about anybody can use is Photobucket. All you have to do is your photos and it gives you the tag you need. All you have to do is copy and paste the script into your comment, in your bio, or where ever. Could you tell me how to put pictures into a blog on myspace? Can you do it the same way you put pictures into a comment box? How can i post a comment for my friends? Everytime i use the comment box of my space, i cannot type anything. Thank you.

How do I add sound to a posted picture in a comment? Could I post the sound somewhere and then add a tag to reference the sound? Thanks- See Jay. When i do what you say than click save alll changes it makes evrything that i just put in dissapear.

How can I enlarge the picture? Hey i want to put images or pictures under my myspace 16 pictures. I went to tiny pic. ANy solutions? I followed the directions, except it keeps putting up the wrong picture. I have tried even taking the picture from my e-mail and putting it in my pics on myspace and still no luck???? This is the line of code I saved so I can use it all the time makes it obvious what to replace with the actual photo link. Thanks it worked! At first I got the pic of an animal!

I had a similar problem to someone lese on here. Make it shorter. Hi, What to do?

How to put a pic on myspace

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How to Add and Put Picture or Image in MySpace Comment