How to stop match com emails

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Cannot stop this company if you can even call it that from sending me s EVERY day with "matches" they have selected for me. I How to stop match com emails even ed or paid them anything! I was curious about Match. Every day they send me s with pictures of the creepiest looking men that I would never even think of talking to let alone date them! I have tried to stop these s but it is absolutely impossible!! They have no contact phone and if I try to reply to the to ask them to stop I am unable to, you can't reply to any from them unless you click on the button to Match.

Someone please help!! These people must be stopped! Despite numerous requests, this company keeps me and my children. Nobody has ever had an nor will they. They simply do not stop ing. It is a nuisance and it's inappropriate. I am happy at the complaint I submitted, Now please please help me I want to unsubscribe from all match. I have tried many times to unsubscribe but can't. They are using my image to get people to up. I get s that 15 people have visited my site and would like to meet me. I shouldn't even have a site.

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I can't log in to my How to stop match com emails. Each time I want to they that my has been blocked and to consult [ protected] just after opening the. I just decided to take a look on match. Then I updated my preferences multiple times the same way, for them to stop sending me match match s. They won't stop. Very irritating. Please unsubscribe my from Match. We are receiving daily spam s to our company used exclusively for customer support - obviously we never ed up for match. We now report spam to Spamcop onine and several other spam reporting services but this does not seem to block them either - there should be a law against such abuse that jams our company.

I used match for about 3 months on a subscription. I cancelled it after that. And I subscribed from any further s etc. I now have a bf. And it is causing fights between us. All for no reason!!! I tried every opt out and every way to unsubscribe from any further mail from match. I do not want any part of the site anymore. Not have I for a long time. Get me off your site and do it now!! I was ed up through [ protected] Just take me off your list already. I can't stand this stress anymore. If you download the mobile app and run it in the background it stops the emaiks. I had a paid membership for about 6 months on Match.

I removed my pictures, my information, and deactivated the entirely.

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A month later, I was still getting s, so I called a customer service rep. The gentleman I spoke with was polite and helpful. The s stopped for about 3 months. How to stop match com emails just started up again this summer. G-mail now marks them as spam, but that's not entirely solving the point. Match is just as bad as Comcast when it comes to customer service. The website is a joke. They are in violation of interstate commerce laws and will be sued in a court of law for their fraudulent activities.

Thank God they did not get your phone. If you want to warn then to cease the illegal activities write to. O Box Dallas TX Tell them in the letter that you want your name, address, address, screen name, site name, everything taken off of their website and removed from ing list, Advise them that if their unwanted and illegal activities do not stop immediately that you will be advising your attorney to take immediate legal action against them.

Douglas R. How to stop match com emails Stockwood International Managing Director. All efforts to contact Match. This is terrible. I dont want anything to do with match. Would you please take me off of it. Youre driving me crazy. Youre annoying. Very bad bussiness ethics. Cant believe you dont take of this matter. What idiots. Take me off. I do not want or need help from on line dating sites! You can't get rid of them. I've seen one guys face at least 25 times in the last year. Then there are the even creepier ones.

Young guys that want to take care of older women. Yahoo, how could you allow such trash on your site. I am almost at the point of closing my yahoo. I am 54 years old and not in great health. I wonder who told those creeps about it. Yahoo, was it you??? Once again, stop these adds or you have lost another customer by letting too much of my private info to the public. I'm sure it is sold in some way. I hope you get the message. I've tried every which way to contact them and cannot find any way to do it - they should be fined and removed from the internet for how they harass us.

I, too, never ed up - even for a free trial. As soon as I looked at the site, I started getting so-called matches many times a day - crazy ones, too. They are a terror on the 'net. How to stop them?!

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I'm at wit's end. It hard to unsubscribed to mach. But after that they automatically charging me very month this is B S. I was trying to unsubscribed to much. No response there line always busy this site. Until now having hard time calling them.

I have not ed any of these two dating sites. I never ed up for match. I cant unsubscribe!

How to stop match com emails

email: [email protected] - phone:(586) 349-2819 x 2950

How do i stop s?