Im dating my step sister

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WHEN you're in a long-term relationship, it's totally normal to develop crushes from time to time - and secretly having a soft spot for one of your partner's friends isn't exactly unusual. But you know what is? Well TikTok star Scarlet Vas claims this is the exact scenario she found herself in when she started dating her male model "brother" Tayo Ricci".

Earlier this year, the couple - who describe themselves as "two step-siblings who are completely in love" in their TikTok bio - shared how they got together in a viral clip. At the start of the clip, Scarlet is standing next to her boyfriend - who she claims she's been in a relationship with for seven years - when she's dared to kiss his best friend.

Although she initially refused to complete the dare, her then-boyfriend urges her to do it as long as they "make it Im dating my step sister. In response, Tayo happily ripped open his hoodie and said "you're not the only one who has abs" as he takes Scarlet into his arms. In another clip on their sharedScarlet asked her boyfriend how he would choose to spend his last day on earth. For more relationship stories, Disneyworld proposal ridiculed as couple get engaged in front of the castle as another bloke proposes in the background.

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Im dating my step sister

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I’m dating my step-brother after being with his best mate for 7 years – we don’t care if people think it’s weird