Im not going to write you love song

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General Comment Actually, the song is written as a bit of a "fuck you" to her record label. They were pushing her to write her "love song" and she was trying to resist it, so she wrote this instead. The real story makes me love her and the song even more.

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No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment actually, this song isnt about her loving a guy. General Comment I love that it's to the record label, hah. But I also love the other perspective - it's the one I first thought of when I read the lyrics Either way, this song is gorgeous. General Comment This song doesn't have anything to do with being "so in love" with a guy. It's actually somewhat the opposite. She's trying to tell the guy not to push her into loving him.

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Telling him she can't give him a "love song". Taraj3an on November 05, Link. General Comment I will attempt to explain this song to you all, becuase this song directly applies to me right now. Even if he plans on leaving General Comment He at least got a song out of it Song Meaning This song was written by Sara, because she refused to write a love song for the label and her manager.

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General Comment This is my favorite from Sara Bareilles. It's different from a of her songs because most of them are about how she can't stop loving a guy, and that no matter what she'll be drawn to him. This song is empowering, it shows that she's independent and that she's moving on. Great song to play after moving on : silverbullet on July 12, Link. That's kind of awesome! CandiceIsAwesome on February 12, General Comment Yeah, the fact that she wrote this to the record label makes me love the song even more!!!

Artists - S. Love Song is found on the album Little Voice. Rate These Lyrics.

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Im not going to write you love song

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Sara Bareilles - Not Gonna Write You A Love Song lyrics