Is it normal to like shemales

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My boyfriend recently confessed his attraction to t-girls, so the subject is something I'm desperately searching to understand. There's really no info online about why some straight guys are into this, at least I haven't been able to find anything.

The one thing I have discovered is that many straight men are attracted to t-girls. A lot of them, in fact most of them, aren't even sure why? My boyfriend is one of them. He can't figure it out and it's something he feels a great deal of shame about. Because I've been so loving and understanding, I've shown him he can be open with me about this and not feel like he has to keep it a secret from me.

As supportive as I've been, I must admit, it hasn't been easy for me to understand. I've never been exposed to this world meaning t-girls so it was quite a culture shock for me. It created a lot of doubt within our relationship and caused me to feel inadequate as a woman. The news came very recently, so my feelings are still very raw. We're taking it day by day and trying not to let this destroy our relationship. We love each other, there's no doubt there. With open communication and lots of love, I'm sure we can get through this. I still have questions though - and fears, of course.

My fears are mostly about the future. Again, this is only a fear, it's not something I know will ever happen for sure. Straight men that have a strong sexual attraction to t-girls, something I can never live up to, are they capable of being content in life without it? Obviously, I don't have a penis, does that mean eventually he'll cheat?

Not that someone's attraction to t-girls means their a cheater. However, because he has a strong sexual attraction to what Is it normal to like shemales can offer him, does than mean eventually he'll be unable to fight that desire? Regarding our sex life, as I'm sure this question will be asked. If anything, it's the best sex of my life. We've been together a year and three months and we still have out-of-this-world, mind-blowing sex.

We have sex practically every day. He's never had a problem staying hard or anything like that. From the start, we've always had a great connection in bed. We keep things interesting, spice it up with sex toys, dirty talk, porn, etc.

Some days we end up making love and some days we end up tearing each other up. No matter what we do, it's always amazing! We're both very sexual people and we're pretty much open to trying anything together. We even watch t-girls porn together and sometimes I'll put on a strap-on and watch him go down on me. We role play like this a lot and it doesn't bother me. If anything, it makes me feel like I'm able to satisfy that desire he has. Also, we both make it a priority to look good for each other - The physical attraction to each other is undeniable. I felt I should share that with you folks, in case you wondered if we were still intimate, etc.

Again, I can't stress it enough, it's the best sex of my life. I'd love to get some feedback from some straight men that have been with, or want to be with, t-girls. I'm trying so hard to understand all this. It's my priority to be the best partner I can be, to my boyfriend. I don't judge him, not at all, I just want to understand. I only ask that no one judge me, or anyone else that may comment here. I'm reaching out for help any negative comments will only be hurtful, not helpful.

Not necessarily. At least assuming he isn't exclusively attracted to transexuals. I mean, there are many bisexuals out there who don't have problems committing to a relationship even though their partner will never be able to have "the whole package", so to speak. But in regards to questions about "why", I am not sure there are answers. Why are you attracted to men? The answer is "you just are", and I suspect the same is true for your boyfriend. He just is. Has he said he actually wants to have sex with a t-girl?

Because fetishes are sometimes a fantasy only deal and a person does not actually want to do it in reality. I've been attracted to tgirls my entire life. I had relationships with three women tgs prior to a 22 year marriage.

In the last year I have been with a very nice woman tgirt about 3 months now. I never once looked at another woman in all the years of marriage. I looked, never touched. Fantasys are just that, weather his fantasy is with a tgril or natural born woman, its a fantasy. When he acts out, he's a cheater. I think this is very simple. You are very understanding, keep up with the honesty and you both will be ok. I really appreciate your feedback - Thanks! I agree, moral character has nothing to do with the types of people a person chooses to be intimate with.

Cheaters are cheaters, period. My fear is that, again, because I don't have what t-girls have "down there," eventually he'll seek out an intimate encounter with one. I have shared this fear with him, of course, he seems to be sure this would never be an issue. I want to believe him, however, I'm also a realist. Perhaps it case by case, again, as you said, depending on the moral character of the person. I found tons of explanations. We all believe what we want to believe. There is no rational reason why you think gay sex is gross. You may think it is rational because well you perceive many people to share your beliefs, so you figure it must be "normal".

I am not offended because I think you believe you are being honest in your beliefs, and you are not trying to be offensive on purpose. If you don't like to believe that watching two guys have sex turns you on Is it normal to like shemales though it does, you are going to continue to rationalize until you can find a reason you can live with. It is too bad you feel you can't be honest with your wife, I would say it has more to do with how you feel about your "fetish" than how you think your wife would react.

I would say pushing the boundaries is part of what turns you on, Is it normal to like shemales can be an addiction, similar to a chemical addiction. You are teaching your body to produce certain chemicals to give you a natural "high". I think that is where one of the dangers lie. In time just watching videos isn't going to be enough to get that same high, then what will you do? It took a lot of courage for you to share this today, so thank you! I'm sure it wasn't easy for you to do. Hearing what you have to say about all this greatly helps me.

My initial post, the one I wrote when I first discovered all this, got different types of feedback. Although I welcome all feedback, it was mostly from women who aren't in my situation. That's Is it normal to like shemales I started this new thread, I wanted to hear from folks that were in a similar situation. Here's the link to that thread, I thought you might be interested in reading Is it normal to like shemales was written there.

I am writing from the perspective of a 29 year old man who has been single his whole life, and has been viewing transsexual and heterosexual porn in roughly equal amounts for 10 years or so. Apart from Is it normal to like shemales fact that I've always been single I'm a pretty normal guy.

But enough about me I have read nearly every discussion forum thread I could find on the topic of transsexual porn. I must have read at least thre, and more than messages. I am intrigued by your situation. You are very supportive of your boyfriend.

I am also impressed by your boyfriend's honesty. I can tell you from all my readings on this topic that most women are not so understanding, and most men are not so honest. In regards to your first question "Why the attraction to t-girls? The only theory that I have found that holds water is that But here's the catch: in order to feel attraction for someone, it isn't enough that we are attracted to one part of their body. They must also closely resemble our ideal partner. Since transsexuals very closely approximate women, he is capable of feeling attraction towards a transsexual. In regards to second question "Will he cheat on me?

His lust for transsexuals will be no stronger than his lust for other women. There is a small chance that his lust for transsexuals will supplant all other sexual desires, as I have read happens to some men. The fact that he has been open with you suggests that even then he wouldn't cheat. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. One of the reasons I've chosen to stay single is I know how hard this can be for a woman, to deal with the fact that she can't satisfy all of a man's fantasies.

On a basic level I mean I am sure he has his preferences when it comes to T girls Ok but why is there an atttraction to them in particular Ok so why on earth would a guy be sexually aroused by a person with attractive female qualities and also a penis. No one really knows, on the level you are wondering They dont know exactly why this happens Even a straight guy cant analyse himself and figure why he gets an erection when an attractive girl pounces on him

Is it normal to like shemales

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