Just need a quick chat

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I had a quick chat. With online quiz game 1 vs launching on Xbox Live this week I had a quick chat with Tania Chee Xbox Liveve marketing Manager for UK and Ireland — and asked her about the game, potential cheating and how it all works. Amid this bustling activity, I had a quick chat with the great man, who had just enjoyed a fag you may have seen his latest fervently pro-smoking letter to the Guardian at the weekend and was, as usual, immaculately turned-out.

I had a quick chat with Dan about his project.

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Before leaving, I had a quick chat with a student named Tibi. I had a quick chat with him afterwards to see how he thought it had gone. Thanks to Ludwig my first paper got accepted! The editor wrote me that my manuscript was well-written. Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources. By clicking "I Accept" or "X" on this banner, or using our site, you accept our cookie and privacy policy. Learn Ludwig. Sentence examples for I had a quick chat from inspiring English sources.

I had a brief chat. I had a short chat.

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I had a quick bowl. I had a quick demo.

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I had a quick talk. I had a quick nosey. I had a quick skelly.

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I had a quick whirl. I had a quick conference. I had a quick sit-down. I had a quick convo. I had a good chat. I had a quick thought. I had a quick response. I had a quick reality. I had a quick reaction. I had a quick catch. I had a quick dinner. I had a quick glance. I had a quick word. Save sentence. Show context. The Guardian - Tech. The Guardian. Not Registered?

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Just need a quick chat

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