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So I tried different things: I studied abroad, I worked at Google, I Learned lesson in life for lengths at a time, I launched my own online business. I kept on looking outward, never truly feeling any sense of contentment or peace, until I arrived at these words by the 13th-century poet, Rumi:.

Today I am wise so I am changing myself. Change the inside, and the outside falls into place. Not time, not money, not circumstances—you. And do you know why? The sooner you learn this, Learned lesson in life better, and the sooner you accept, the sooner you will want to learn how you can change. Here are 35 life lessons that you should learn early on in life.

Read them, contemplate them, and apply them. And as you do, be mindful of the fact that change takes time, so allow yourself all the time you need to grow. When I was 27, I flew off a bike and blacked out on the street. In an instant, I fractured my spine and tore the main ligament in my knee. In an instant, the entire trajectory of the next year of my life changed. Earlier this year, the third-largest explosion in human history rocked my home city of Beirut.

In an instant, Learned lesson in life lost their lives andthousand people became homeless. We often forget that death hangs over us; it lingers in the space we cannot touch, and in the blink of an eye, in the flash of a second, it can capture us and strip us bare of the most precious blessing of all: The gift of being alive. Your entire life can change in instant. So stop taking what you have for granted. Instead, be grateful for it, and do whatever good you can with it. When I was younger, I used to think that feeling lost was something to be ashamed of.

We paint it with a set of colors and then re-stroke it with another. Every business owner is constantly trying to figure out how to reach more customers, every couple in a relationship is constantly trying to figure out how to keep it working, and every new parent is constantly trying to figure out how to maneuver their way through parenthood. It means that the things you once valued are no longer the things that matter to you today.

When you were a kid, you set goals and dreams for who you thought you would want to become as an adult, but through time and novel experiences, your interests changed, and so did the way you think. The same applies to you: The person you are today is not responsible for being the person you once thought you would want to become. The person you are today is solely responsible for the adult you want to be today.

You owe nothing to your younger self, but you owe everything to your present self. How do you find out what you actually want in life? You lean into what you think you want and take action toward it. When you lean into your curiosity and walk the path, you will gain experience, and the answer to what you actually want will reveal itself to you as you work toward what it is you think you want. All you need, then, is a direction to move into. Unfortunately, I used to think the exact same. I lived the entirety of the past decade cultivating this toxic mentality and it affected every major decision I made in my life.

Your happiness and wellbeing have everything to do with how present, accepting, and content you are with all that is, right here, right now. These are some of the easy, simple, and practical pieces of advice on how to become happier. From the years of 24 to 28, I only talked about becoming an entrepreneur, but I never did. One year later, on my 30th birthday, I chose to become a writer. I committed to this new vocation and over the course of that Learned lesson in life, I built a system to help me stay consistent.

Within twelve months, I published online articles, which took me from zero views to over , from zero followers on Medium to over 6, and from zero newsletter subscribers to over 1, I consistently wrote and published articles per week. Commitment is what gets you started on a new trajectory. Consistency—which is the key to creating long-lasting and sustainable change in life—is what gets you somewhere.

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And persistence is what keeps you going in spite of adversity. The hinge that connects the two is the one small habit you repeat every single day. If you lean into bad habits or neglect the good onesyou will breakdown little by little, day by day, but if you practice good habits, you will build yourself up, little by little, day by day. In my first six months Learned lesson in life entrepreneurship, I completely neglected myself. I stopped meditating, I stopped socializing, I stopped exercising, I stopped taking care of myself.

The result? Sleepless nights of overthinking, constant frustration and worry, emotional turmoil, and confusion—I was miserable.

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Fortunately, as soon as I became conscious of this self-sabotaging behaviour, I vowed that I will never allow myself to fall this low ever again. They include, among others, a minute daily morning meditation, gratitude journaling, daily stretching and exercise, and intermittent fasting. The reality is that every day we are faced with new challenges, some bigger and more catastrophic than others.

In spite of the emotional wreckage we might find ourselves in, we must look inward to ignite Learned lesson in life fortitude that allows us to pick ourselves back up and carry on. How do we do this? We allow our daily rituals to uphold us. Our daily habits and self-care rituals fashion the rhythm upon which our life flows and the direction in which it progresses because what you do today is a reflection of who you will become tomorrow. Do you aspire to be a writer? Well, are you writing today? Do you want to be in the best shape of your life.

You become your habits because you are what you repeatedly do. Research has proven that the premature praise we receive from sharing our goals in public becomes a substitute for actually achieving them. Rather, I work silently behind the scenes and share my progress instead.

When you track and share your progress, you keep yourself motivated. The tracking allows you Learned lesson in life see your evolution unfolding before your eyes and the sharing allows people to praise you not on yourbut on your process. Tracking my progress is one of the three strategies I use to keep myself motivated to write.

It helps me make better decisions because now I have data to work with. Comparing ourselves to others is one of the most toxic habits that can drastically affect our mental health and emotional wellbeing. When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I was comparing myself to every other one out there. Was there any sense in this? Absolutely not. Did it make me miserable?

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Yes, it did. The truth is that each one of us is unique. We all have our own story to keep writing and our own paths to keep walking. So instead of comparing yourself with others, create your own definition of success; as long as you stay true to this definition, you are successful. Part of my definition of success for the past year was to publish two articles per week. I did. Do I consider myself successful? Over the past two years, every morning I wake up, I am reminded that deing a meaningful life that I love—where I live it on my own terms and do what I genuinely enjoy— is possible.

Because every morning I receive new notifications that remind me of this possibility: The growing of people who read my articles, the growing of subscribers to my newsletter, the messages I receive from readers. The truth is, people will always project their Learned lesson in life and limiting beliefs onto you.

What you must do is build a shield against this noise so you can protect yourself from it. Nobody is going to come along and push you onto the path of what you desire. You must push yourself. Nobody is going to come along and give you the approval to be yourself. The only approval you need is your own. Yes, you can build yourself a lifestyle where you are doing what you love every day.

Your first step is to take responsibility for it. Define what makes life worth living for you, and then de your life around that. Some days will be hard, really hard. You will have to work ten-fold. You will doubt yourself. You will question everything. And yet, those are the biggest s of growth and renewal. Self-care is not all roses and chocolates. Self-care is looking in the mirror and asking yourself these hard questions:. What do I need to let go of in order to allow myself to bloom upward?

Self-care is realizing that you are your greatest obstacle. Your beliefs, your ideals, your habits, the way you speak to and of yourself, the extent of your self-acceptance, your subconscious behavioral and thought patterns… All these things, if not evaluated and upgraded, will sabotage your progress in life. Today, you subconsciously act in a way to validate old narratives.

The reality is this: Every action you take is born out of a deep-rooted set of beliefs—regardless Learned lesson in life whether these beliefs are right or wrong. So if you want to change your self-sabotaging behavior, and thus, the trajectory of your life, you must first change those inner-beliefs.

You raise your self-awareness so you can Learned lesson in life the subconscious conscious. We can never flourish or experience any positive sustainable change in our life as long as we keep carrying the entire weight of our baggage with us.

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Self-care is the active process of learning how to identify these self-sabotaging patterns that weigh us down and then letting them go. In my early twenties, I also lived in the fast lane after falling for this emotionally-wrecking trap of the hurry-up life philosophy. I stopped hustling.

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I stopped optimizing. I stop being aimless and mindless and I started becoming much more intentional and mindful—and this approach sits at the core of what it means to live slow. Slow living is a life philosophy. It improves attention, creates stillness, and develops emotional maturity. You stretch to stay flexible. You move and exercise regularly.

Learned lesson in life

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35 Essential Life Lessons Everyone Should Learn Early on in Life