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ed: Fri, Feb 13,am 0 Time to read: about 2 minutes. It can be lonely out there. A few years ago, Andersen was recuperating from a painful breakup, moving from Palo Alto to San Francisco to put space between herself and bad memories. She was attractive, young and successful, but she was alone for the first time in her life, she said. I had reached a point where I was not finding my match," she said.

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Andersen hatched the idea for her matchmaking business while living in Palo Alto in She worked in high tech and was in a relationship, but many of her boyfriend's buddies were not. They had high-powered careers, were high achievers with advanced degrees and fat paychecks, but the question they kept asking her was: "Where are all the women? In San Francisco and Marin County, Andersen's network of Linx dating palo alto high-powered women friends had the same lament.

There weren't any eligible bachelors. So Andersen decided to bridge the gap. She put together her business plan, immersed herself in research and set up Linx in Linx clients are a rarified group, however. Prospective clients are carefully vetted, undergoing a rigorous application process and face-to-face interview, she said.

Old World matchmaking is combined with networking and concierge services that can include everything from wardrobes to grooming and confidence coaching. The business has active clients ranging in age from 23 to 67, with a median age of 33 for women and 39 to 40 for men. Most are Linx dating palo alto -- in health care, technology, private equity and entrepreneurs -- "creative types," she said. The rules are traditional: The man has five days to call his match, introduce himself and strike up a phone conversation.

He asks the woman out to a casual location -- for sushi or to a bistro -- and he pays for the dinner.

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We live in a time when chivalry fell by the wayside," she said. Andersen, now 32, met her match on May 20, -- through a mutual friend. She had moved back to Palo Alto and hired a professional trainer, changed her diet and boosted her confidence. Their first date lasted for nine hours; by the Linx dating palo alto date, they became exclusive. He proposed nine and a half months later, she said. He gets my long hours and I get his crazy schedule," she said. The company had two engagements among clients last fall.

There have been a few marriages, but Anderson doesn't keep track of those things, she said. Some view us as a service and never have us be part of the excitement with their journey," she said. Follow Palo Alto Online and the Palo Alto Weekly on Twitter paloaltoweeklyFacebook and on Instagram paloaltoonline for breaking news, local events, photos, videos and more. ed: Fri, Feb 13,am It can be lonely out there. News 'Linxing' up Matchmaker to Silicon Valley's superstars makes her match.

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The couple married June 14, Photo courtesy Linx Dating. What's local journalism worth to you? Stay informed Get daily headlines sent straight to your inbox. She develops the matches from multiple factors, but it's also part intuition, she said.

Craving a new voice in Peninsula dining? up now. Ironic for the matchmaker to the Bay Area's most eligible.

Linx dating palo alto

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Silicon Valley matchmaker helps tech's rich but 'clueless' bachelors find love