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I present real proven home business ideas in this article. Most of them are easy to start and require little experience. You can start them small and grow them at your own pace. Before looking at the list of ideas, I suggest you take our quiz to immediately find the perfect business idea for you.

I decided to start a book publishing business while still a full time student at business school. I had no prior experience in book publishing but I had started a of other small home based businesses. Local bookstores were willing to carry my book and it did begin to sell.

But initial sales were slower than I expected. So I needed to get the word out! I booked guest appearances for myself on local radio and television talk shows, giving job hunting advice and talking up my book.

My first book quickly became the 1 local nonfiction bestseller. I went on to publish many other books. Today if you are starting a book publishing business you might want to initially limit yourself to ebooks. If you want to learn how to start a book publishing business — or any other business — check out my course Start-a-Business You can start watching this course and all the other courses on BusinessTown for free. It seems like everyone is setting up an Amazon store! You can get going with even a single product.

You can also create your own storefront with your own look and feel. You can pack and ship your orders yourself or you can have Amazon Looking for company at my house it for you. The cost structure changes from time to time and varies by country and by product.

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You could very quickly set up a store on Amazon and begin selling products. But it is more challenging to build your Amazon store into a highly profitable and sustainable business. Selling products online — including on Amazon — is extremely competitive.

Instead you should carefully develop a well thought out plan. To create a plan for your store, evaluate your market, your prospective customers and your competition. Then consider how you Looking for company at my house meet the needs of customers better than existing competitors. How can you be different? How can you develop a competitive advantage? What are your best opportunities? Then put your thoughts together in a business plan.

You should also consider building your own online presence beyond Amazon such as with your own website, with social media, by developing your own list and perhaps through online advertising. You can try BusinessTown for free.

This is a classic very simple business that you can start part time with one dog and grow as big as you want. I have a niece who quickly built this into a lucrative full time business. I also met a woman who had to hire several employees to keep up with demand. And I have heard of several people who have sold their dog walking businesses for over a million dollars.

What makes dog walking a good business? Most of all you have regular repeat customers. Plus the service involves a personal touch — if customers like you, then not only will they keep you forever, but they will also recommend you to their friends. The key to making good money at dog walking is finding customers. Fortunately there are all kinds of ways to land customers for this business. You can Looking for company at my house with low cost guerilla marketing, such as handing out flyers at dog parks, and putting up posters or business cards on local bulletin boards, such as at coffee shops and libraries.

Dog walking is also great for digital marketing because you can zero right in on your target audience. You can build a website and optimize it to show up at the top of local Google search. And you can target social media and other online advertising directly at dog owners in your hometown. To learn more about starting this business — or any other business — see my course Start-a-Business You can start watching this course and all the other BusinessTown courses for free.

This is one of the most popular businesses for beginning entrepreneurs. Plus there are all kinds of places you can sell your crafts! Perhaps the most obvious place to sell your crafts today is online particularly at marketplace websites like Etsy. You could also set up your own online website. Art and craft fairs are another great outlet to sell your goods.

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Retailers are always looking for new and interesting crafts to sell. You can approach local retailers directly at their place of business. You can also get a booth at trade shows for the craft trade. And once you have a good product line put together, you can even hire commission based independent sales firms to sell your products — you can find them at the larger trade shows.

My Great Aunt Betty had a thriving craft business. For years she sold items out of her house — which was located on a busy street. Turning a hobby, like crafts, into a business can be a lot of fun, but you need to approach it like a business. To learn more take a look at my course, Start-a-Business You can try this course and all the other courses on BusinessTown for free.

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After a failed race for the governorship of California inAriana Huffington started a blog with her friend Ken Lerer. They filled their blog by aggregating news stories and providing political commentary. Named The Huffington Postthe blog was wildly successful.

You too can start your own blog. You can begin small and grow it at your own pace. Most successful bloggers are known for one specific topic. Successful blog subjects include food, fashion, travel, music, sports, hobbies and many others. Be authentic with your audience and let your personality shine! My experience with blogs is that to build a really large audience you will need to Looking for company at my house it some marketing effort.

For example you should learn the basics of SEO search engine optimization so that your blog posts will show up at the top of Google search. Be creative. For example my daughter put together a Facebook post featuring a video of soldiers returning from overseas and surprising their children. It was viewed over million times.

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The most basic option to monetize a blog is to up with an advertising network such as Facebook, Google or Outbrain and let them sell and manage your advertising for you. But to make much money with advertising you are going to need a big audience reading your blog. Another option to consider is affiliate marketing. This involves placing links on your blog to other businesses that will pay you a commission for selling their products or services. Still another option is to sell your own products or services.

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You could sell just about anything with a blog including consulting or coaching services, ebooks, homemade products and more. It is possible to succeed with a blog business but you are going to have to run it like a serious business not a hobby. Years ago I did meet Ariana Huffington and I can tell you that she was overflowing with energy and worked incredibly hard to build her blog business. You probably have all the equipment and expertise you need to get started.

Depending upon the type of food that you are making you may be able to sell it through local food stores, through restaurants or even to consumers online by using delivery services such as UPS. If you are not allowed to set up a commercial bakery in Looking for company at my house home consider renting cheap space at a commercial location or even sharing space at an existing commercial kitchen.

You can start a successful home bakery without a lot of money. You want to analyze the market, your target customers and your competition really carefully to find opportunities. Then you need to develop foods that not only taste great but are also well packaged and distinctive. I have a smart friend who had a great food product but it did not succeed at retail.

In hindsight if she had launched her product more slowly and carefully, and priced and packaged it more competitively, I think it could have worked fine. So take your time and do both really well! See my course How to Create a Business Plan which includes a fill-in-the-blanks template and sample plans to help you along. You can try all of my courses free on BusinessTown. Landscaping is a perfect business in many ways. You can start small and grow it at your own pace. You have Looking for company at my house customers which means steady income.

And there is a terrific opportunity for making more money by selling add-on services. You could start out part time offering just a simple lawn mowing service. All you need is a lawn mower which you can buy second hand. I have a friend whose landscaper transports his lawn mower in the trunk of his sedan. If you are feeling ambitious you can add to the services you offer. Basic add-on services include edging, weeding, fertilizer application, and leaf collection.

You could also offer bush, flower and tree planting services. In the winter you could offer snowplowing. You can make some serious money with a landscaping business. Furthermore that was just for basic services such as grass cutting, yard cleanup and snow removal. For other work such as fertilizer application and lawn irrigation I hired still other service providers. To learn more take a look at my courses.

Looking for company at my house

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