Looking for something to do this evening or tomorrow

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Since no one knows the future, it seems fitting there are four different ways to express actions that will take place in the future. The differences in future verb tenses depend on whether the action will be ongoing or completed at a specific time. So, we might say, "Tomorrow, I will write ," or, "By tomorrow, I will have been writing for six days straight.

Adverbs are just as important a part of speech as nouns and verbs. Help your students learn all about them with the following two printable adverb quizzes. Level A is geared toward the lower elementary grades and Level B is more appropriate for the upper grades. Each quiz has a study sheet. Home Sentence Tomorrow Tomorrow sentence example tomorrow. Tomorrow is Christmas morning. This is what I want you to do tomorrow morning. It would be best to contact Connie tomorrow and tell Looking for something to do this evening or tomorrow not to send mail.

Though I could always wait until tomorrowafter Darkyn deals with you. It's a good thing tomorrow is Saturday. And tomorrow is a long day. Tomorrow Uncle Henry and I must start back for Kansas. She is going to their estate near Moscow either today or tomorrow morning, with her nephew. Tomorrowwe'll come here just before sunset.

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Then tomorrow you will speak to the Emperor? I have a man coming out here tomorrow for the job. I can't shut down the experiment until six PM tomorrow night. I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning to relieve Carmen, so I'll drop you off at Katie's. I want to go away tonight or early tomorrow morning. Wait till tomorrow morning, we'll find out everything tomorrow. Maybe she should pack her things tomorrowand leave. Don't wait until tomorrow to go to him or you'll crawl to him on your knees. Everywhere you turned, people were speculating Looking for something to do this evening or tomorrow, or building models of, the "House of Tomorrow ," the "Car of Tomorrow ," or the "Workplace of Tomorrow.

Can you bring me down here tomorrow to get my car? You take time to think about a date, but I want to take you out tomorrow to look at engagement rings. Tomorrow night we fly up north. Tomorrowthis world will be destroyed if one—or both—of us don't step up. So even if no new goods were created tomorrowwe could still vastly increase the wealth of the world by allocating existing goods differently.

Tomorrow April will hide her tears and blushes beneath the flowers of lovely May. After all, tomorrow would answer the question. Tomorrow everything may be over for me! Walking tomorrow would be excruciating. You have school tomorrow. I'll take your bet tomorrowbut now we are all going to 's.

We'll know by tomorrow night. I'm waiting for Jenn to confirm, and we'll schedule to take it out tomorrow morning, Toni said. I told her you'd go back tomorrow and try to find it. You will in the meanwhile have earned your fare, and arrive there some time tomorrowor possibly this evening, if you are lucky enough to get a job in season.

Keep calm, I will call again tomorrowsaid Metivier; and putting his fingers to his lips he hastened away. We'll know more about her recovery tomorrow. It was a good thing they were going home tomorrow. Or have you changed your mind about leaving tomorrow? They would be there tomorrow night, so there was no point in making the remaining vacation time unpleasant. She was slicing some left over pork roast for a recipe tomorrow when Alex walked in and announced that Destiny and Jonathan were asleep. Everything is either yesterday, today or tomorrow. We can leave your car here and come after it tomorrow.

You're going to be too sore to walk tomorrow. It's late and I have to get up early tomorrow. I'll wait until tomorrow. Betsy wants to leave by seven tomorrow morning so we won't get back Looking for something to do this evening or tomorrow late. His cousin is flying out there tomorrow Will you still come to Papa's grave tomorrow evening?

I'll drive out tomorrow. We're renting a Jeep and going up to see it tomorrow. We're going over there for dinner tomorrow. I get to cool my heels at least until tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to clean the chicken house. I will ask her tomorrow in your presence; if she is willing, then he can stay on.

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But if you are alive--live: tomorrow you'll die as I might have died an hour ago. TomorrowI hear, the Preobrazhenskis will give them a dinner. They may die tomorrow ; why are they thinking of anything but death? They would purchase a few things for Christmas tomorrow. Dad said we were going to watch some horses race tomorrow. Can't we wait 'till tomorrow? I know you need to get back for your finals tomorrow. Would they reach Ashley tomorrow? Tomorrow would be another day at the house, and she intended to enjoy every minute of this day with Cade.

We briefly discussed tomorrow 's half-day activities now that the weather had improved but our collective hearts weren't in it. You'll have your suit tomorrow. She has school tomorrow. Can you make peanut butter tomorrow? Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of our father's death, and we made a pact a few months ago to go there every year at the same time.

If I go now, he won't be as angry with me, and maybe I can come back tomorrow. We're having a wake for Sean tomorrow. Doc, I'll come in tomorrow. I'll be back tomorrow. He's going to break his leg tomorrow.

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Jule, we'll leave for the European front tomorrow. What if it starts up again tomorrow? Yet the alternative was that Darkyn probably killed Wynn tomorrowwhen he failed. The bike comes out tomorrow. While the town was bursting at its seams for tomorrow 's holiday, the side street where the Deans' inn was located was peacefully quiet. See you at the debate tomorrow. When Dean didn't respond, he added, " Tomorrow ," but made no further move to stop him. Didn't have time, but I should tomorrow. Are you going over to Diversions Coffee House tomorrow and talk to the curmudgeons? He'll let the old guy out tomorrow morning.

I'll chase him out of jail tomorrowafter I have him swab down the cells and clean the toilets. They're scheduled to leave tomorrow. I haven't even told him that Fitzgerald plans to release him tomorrow. Fitzgerald told me he's going to spring you tomorrow morning.

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I'll contact a lawyer tomorrow. I wondered if I could get Destiny tomorrow. I know you have a teacher's conference tomorrow and Jonathan has that field trip. I'll check in tomorrow ," Tamer said. Let me know how tomorrow goes with Andre's mind tricks. You'll Looking for something to do this evening or tomorrow to report to court tomorrow morning. First off, request the morning off to go to court tomorrow. He'd go to her apartment tomorrow and explain to her what her fate was about to become. We're inviting the GM to our fundraiser tomorrow night.

You were supposed to come for brunch tomorrow. I'd planned a spa day tomorrow before the gala. He's letting me buy your gown for tomorrowso you might as well be nice to him. You'll have some peace, at least until tomorrow morning. If he brought her more fish tomorrow morning, she'd have rope enough to reach the cliff edge ten feet above. Now, he had a reason to care what tomorrow brought, and he wasn't certain he liked the newfound feeling. But if I choose Rhyn and you come back for me tomorrowit doesn.

They called back and will be here tomorrow afternoon. Me and Miss Worthington are going to do a real study tomorrow. We should be filled after tomorrow. As the mistress of Tara had said, tomorrow is another day.

Looking for something to do this evening or tomorrow

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will you do anything tomorrow evening vs will you do something tomorrow evening