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Become a Premium Client and view RentMasseur private galleries. Premium Clients are able to view private galleries without permission from the masseur. My name is Steve O. I'm a bisexual, d massage therapist and a Swedish Institute Graduate. I love what I do and I do what I love, providing superb massage.

I'm in the East Village of Manhattan and I'm proud to offer the best of my massage skills to all clients regardless of gender, age, race or physical appearance. I specialize in therapeutic, deep tissue and, or more relaxing, Male erotic massage nyc massage. I'm an expert in anatomy and injury treatment. My massage techniques include elements of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofascial release, trigger point, Tui Na and facilitated stretching.

I have more than 20 years of hands-on massage experience and worked as a hospice and palliative care masseur at Calvary Hospital for four years. I have also taught massage clinical practice. Besides being a N. Currently I study martial arts with Kyoshi Tony V. In the ancient tradition of Body Electric and Sacred Intimate, I also offer more sensual touch and am happy to discuss that aspect of my work with you in person. Along with healing, massage has the power to be one of the most natural, drug-free sources of sensual joy we can share.

The primary therapeutic function of massage is to keep soft tissues soft, whereas somatic touch can heal old wounds and open up a world of freedom, pleasure and the experience of you taking what you want and need; and what we together discuss in terms of consent. Google "wheel of consent" by Betty Martin for more info. This a a new world for LGBTQ Male erotic massage nyc and their allies to explore without the shadows of "expectation" and the unspoken.

Your personal hygiene is greatly appreciated. No shows are an insidious form of harassment. Only book if you intend to show up. RentMasseur Personal Interviews give you the opportunity to know the Masseur you are considering to hire better before you make the first step. Our Personal Masseur Interviews are a great way to give a little bit of personal and even intimate information about your massage experience. Get to know him better before you call!

Tell us a little about yourself, if you were to pick something what would you like your clients to absolutely know about you? I'm an unabashed hedonist but try to always be safe. I use my narcissism in my creativity but try to keep it out of my massage work. Of course my moral compass Male erotic massage nyc a bit skewed when it comes to "hot versus not," I'm only human. I know the difference between a date, a hook-up or working and a I try to give every client a professional massage without judgments. Pretty good at that, unless you're not clean.

My intention is to make you feel better-whether it's with my hands, my body or tools. And I don't mind being used as an object, as long as you respect me as a person with Soul and feeling. I'm discrete but not a punching bag.

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Don't ask me to use the employee entrance as it's is way beyond my pay grade, as are inane comments like "What's a sensual massage? Again, all way beyond my pay grade. What are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Anything creative. Mostly writing poetry; also making beats, music, Cubase 11 I just upgraded! I don't use real names unless you're a con artist, Male erotic massage nyc thief or a no-show. I love unicycling, biking, pumping weights, sun worship, acting when it pays well and posing for the camera.

It's all about serving your own Soul, self-actualization, etc. Very Jungian. See above. Got tired of smiling for phony producers with Trump haircuts. Hairdressing had too many chemicals. To ensure and maintain the integrity of RentMasseur Reviews we verify the reviews by communicating with both the Clients and the Masseurs in order to provide you with the most accurate, verified reviews.

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Fantastic guy who really knows what he is doing. Really interesting and friendly. Had a superb time. I saw Steven's ad on this website and on others awhile ago. The opportunity came in during a Labor Day Weekend. I contacted him over and text and he was very responsive and accommodating. I met Steven on a Saturday morning.

Getting to his place felt like visiting an old friend. Steven is an easy-going man with an amicable demeanor. Not only he is a good conversationalist, but a jack of all trades art-wise. Besides, his physical appearance is alluring and captivating. The session was truly enjoyable. Not only I felt relaxed, but the end result left me with a sense of inner peace that made me regret I had to leave back to the Midwest. If you are in New York and are serious about getting a good massage, give Steven a chance and your body will appreciate it.

Dear peripsique; What a lovely, articulate review! Thank you, be well and see you soon! This was not my first time seeing Steve for a massage but it's been several months. I reached out to him after a yoga class worked me over too well, and I was looking forward to Steve working me over. He is always attentive and checks to make sure the Male erotic massage nyc and the focus are just what I need and he pays attention to my responses to know to give me more. His space is clean and comfortable and I always have the option to shower before and after.

We're working on doing a more regular thing and I would also love to try my skills out on Steve. He is so relatable and a good intuitive provider, knowing when to adjust the pressure and when to dive in. I am so looking forward to our next visit. Looking forward to much needed friends and live music in Wagner Park this Thurs. Sounds like a fusion of styles with Male erotic massage nyc big, black, bodacious-looking female singer. Hope they are good. The concert last Thurs. Damn I tried to look up the artist's name but will post it later.

I'm on an old browser here and now. So grateful to client "C" for his session last night. His visit was a wonderful and much needed prophylaxis against the contagion of negligence and shame from the 4 "Johns Oh, sorry, one's real name was "B" as in the Seasame Street cartoon who wasted my time with their silliness. I am truly grateful to you "C" for providing me with much needed touch and work! God Bless you. Summer in the city. Unemployment high; the country is burning up and I have been dealing with anonymous calls from "JOHNs" all day.

The first sounded like a Male erotic massage nyc with TB; the second sounded like a DL guy with a puppet's name who claims to be gay but he's not out. The third insisted on a private convo. Texting that goes on for more than 30 minutes; and private convos about "desperately needed assurances on what is involved in your massage" all fall under the category of Way beyond my pay grade!

Gentlemen--do you HEAR me? Thank you. Please respect my time, energy and open heart--as I respect yours! And finally; your personal hygiene is greatly appreciated more than you know ; as is your mental, physical and spiritual health! For the safety of my clients I wanted to disclose that more than a month ago I had my second dose so I am double vaccinated. I have been going on and about my issues with the vaccine-playing the devil's advocate on the whole issue and it's no one's business anyway -but Male erotic massage nyc just wanted to say that I did go ahead and get the vaccine--again for the safety of my clients.

Please do not book with me unless you too have been fully vaccinated OR at the very least you have been tested and have anti-bodies. Subscribe or comment.

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