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A group of six swimmers have claimed a world record of kilometres for open-water relay distance swimming after crossing the eastern Mediterranean from Cyprus to Israel. The Israeli team left Paphos on October 5 and set the new mark on Friday when they reached the coast south of Tel Aviv but they remained on their support yacht and came ashore together on Saturday. The six men achieved their goal at the second time of asking after aborting an attempt last year due to rough seas.

The swim was completed in hours 10 minutes, the World Open Water Swimming Association said on their website. The record of kilometres was set by a U. The six, ranging between 66 and 44, each spent an hour in the water and had to maintain the same rotation for the record to be recognised, said Udi Erell, 66, one of the swimmers. Both were given a scare by Valtteri Bottas, whose Williams was quicker through the first two sectors before the Finn made a big mistake right at Muscular female adult match Nemitsa end and was unable to improve on his third place.

Ferrari, whose record run of 81 successive races in the points ended in Japan, and outgoing champions Red Bull had a difficult session. Brazilian Felipe Massa fared even worse, with an engine problem dumping the Williams driver out in the first phase and leaving him 18th on the grid.

Your September 28 feature on unregulated funeral homes, and inter alia, the issue of cremation, stimulated me to write how strongly I agree with author Constantinos Psillides when he presses for the government to get on with the crematorium Bill. After over ten years shilly-shallying and procrastination there is really no excuse any longer for delaying the passing of the relevant legislation. The Muscular female adult match Nemitsa bureaucracy enveloping the topic has become ludicrous. Moreover, after three face to face personal assurances, together with public utterances from the Archbishop, I was told that he will never stand in the way of the cremation option.

So what is his Holy Synod doing holding off on an issue of increasingly urgent importance? Its Members agree individual wishes should be respected, along with Greek Orthodox practices, so why their discriminatory reticence to support this Bill?

Getting on for ten thousand supporters surely have a right to be recognised. We stand all but alone in the EU in not having a crematorium facility. The cemeteries are desperately overcrowded and badly under maintained. Highlighted in the September 28 text was the police preference for any crematorium to be Government run, and that I can understand, but I can offer ideas and plans, architectural drawings, operating expertise, and research data available about where best to source the necessary equipment, if any Government department cares to ask.

For the last 25 years my wife and I have travelled to Germany in early June to spend our summer in our flat. For the last 11 years our little dog has led the way. We needed to travel to Frankfurt in mid-week during the day and as Cyprus Airways provided the only suitable flight we used the flight.

This year CY changed the flight to Monday and although it was inconvenient we had to accept it. In April we booked and paid for our tickets and reserved a space in the hold as excess baggage for our dog. The chosen date was Monday June 16 and all our rather complicated arrangements had been made when CY called us on the afternoon of Friday June 13 to say that our dog could not travel because the aircraft had no pressurisation in the hold. We overcame the problems of re-arranging all the details during the weekend and were able to secure another inconvenient flight for Friday June We checked at in Larnaca.

I was in my wheelchair and we were in the passport control queue when we were called back. CY had just discovered that once again our aircraft had no pressurisation in the hold. The CY staff apologised with embarrassed grins but when I asked what they were going Muscular female adult match Nemitsa do to rectify the situation they had no idea.

A few strong words were exchanged. Fortunately the airport staff found that a Lufthansa flight would leave for Frankfurt two hours later and we were able to secure seats for us and a spot for our dog in the pressurised hold. During the waiting time I was able to make new arrangements in Germany as our home there is in a remote area. We were booked to return to Larnaca on another inconvenient flight on Muscular female adult match Nemitsa, September 22 but two weeks before the flight I contacted CY in Frankfurt to try to ascertain if the aircraft would have pressurisation in the hold.

I was told that they would not know until the aircraft left Larnaca for Frankfurt on the day. I began to try to contact CY in Frankfurt on Sunday, the day before the flight, but the office was closed for the weekend.

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I then began trying to contact CY in Nicosia and was subjected to the torments of a call centre which leaves you stranded and then the next call connects you to another person. After six calls I was given an assurance that the aircraft would have pressurisation in the Muscular female adult match Nemitsa. We have had several bad experiences on CY flights but each time we have been given weak excuses but no apologies or recompense. I am also sure that my complaints were not passed up the line so that action could be taken to avoid any repetitions.

It is legally possible to temporarily deprive a debtor of the use of a mortgaged property or motor vehicle until he makes good on his debt. Such alternative measures may be acceptable to the Troika, because the intent of any foreclosure legislation is not to dispossess Cypriots of their homes or cars, but rather to provide a guaranteed revenue stream to the banks. My late mother worked as a debt-collector for various legal companies.

That meant that a debtor was barred from the use of his home or car until his debt was settled. The houses had their locks changed by the sheriffs of the court and the cars were stored in a large parking bay owned by the banks. The bank or creditor was not allowed to repossess or auction the asset unless the debtor failed to abide by payment terms ordered by the court. Once the debt had been honoured to the satisfaction of the creditor, the debtor was allowed to reclaim possession of the asset. The lowest divisions of the court had jurisdiction in such matters. This ensured that the sequestration process moved through the courts very quickly, as newly qualified law graduates were keen to build a good reputation.

The steps I have listed may be defined by another legal term, but this is the procedure that I recall from the s. I suggest that it would be more reasonable to add this half-way stage to the process of repossessing primary residences, rather than for banks to move directly from default to foreclosure.

It may well yield the desired. Additionally, such measures would avoid the need for the extra-judicial fast-track processes requested by the Troika, which could be challenged in the Constitutional Court. The banks might also be challenged in court when they sell the NPLs to vulture funds, having failed to exhaust all other remedies. Well actually, Muscular female adult match Nemitsa that often, because I do have a life, but I caught myself thinking about this on more than one occasion in the last week after the Turks issued the maritime advisory known as NAVTEX about carrying out seismic explorations in our Exclusive Economic Zone and we flew into a collective fit of rage about the latest violation of our sovereign rights.

Journalists, politicians and the rest of guardians of the national interest, fed up of beating their breasts over the foreclosures law and primary residences, greeted the latest display of Turkish Muscular female adult match Nemitsa with a big sigh of relief as it enabled them to drop the uninspiring memorandum and focus on their beloved Cyprob and related subjects once again. Getting worked up over Turkish arrogance and indignantly demanding that the rest of the world intervenes to put the Turks in their place is our favourite activity, which we refuse to give up despite the fact that nobody ever intervenes.

At best, a statement, urging restraint, is issued by foreign governments. What did the paper want the spokesman to say that had soul?

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PREZ Nik, who had to be seen taking a tough line, let it be known through his soulless spokesman that he was considering withdrawing from the peace talks and called a National Council meeting with the party leaders to discuss a plan of action. The news that Nik would be taking action approved by Perdikis, Lillikas and Junior, was no cause for celebration, but for packing your bags and emigrating.

In the end no such drastic action was needed because the unanimous decisions were pretty lame, of the type our politicians have been taking for 40 years without as much as provoking a shrug from the Turks by way of reaction. The prez would be withdrawing from the talks and there would be no meetings between the negotiators either.

In this way we would be punishing the Turks by preventing them exercising their intransigence. The next day Nik met the UN special advisor Espen Barth Eide and talked Cyprob, indicating that his withdrawal from the talks was a bit half-hearted. The government would also consider a recourse to the UN Security Council. No decision was taken on this because a resolution condemning Turkey was far from guaranteed.

But the most important decision taken by the National Council last Tuesday was that our prez would seek a meeting with President Putin in the coming week. When we are in trouble we always turn to mother Russia. In Marchwhen the Eurogroup was turning the screw on us, Nik also asked for an urgent meeting with Putin to seek his help.

Nineteen months later the prez is still waiting for a date. SPEAKING of mother Russia and Putin, forgotten man Marios Garoyian, in his effort to re-build his shattered political career, made an amazing revelation a few days ago, explaining why he had voted against the first Eurogroup decision in which proposed a levy of between six and 10 per cent on all bank deposits.

Garoyian gave a demonstration of his patriotism, Muscular female adult match Nemitsa explaining why he had put Russian interests above those of his country. ANYONE with half a brain — admittedly there are not a lot of them around and Garoyian is certainly not one of them Muscular female adult match Nemitsa would have realised that Mother Russia had not only abandoned us in that difficult period, but it also openly blackmailed us and we gave into to blackmail just to safeguard our master-servant relations with Moscow.

But for our wise politicians and hacks Mother Russia can do no wrong. But this was presented as a triumph for our side by our papers and politicians who felt obliged to engage in the time-honoured, public Russia worship.

Interestingly, Zakheos is an executive director of the Russian Commercial Bank, so it is unclear whether his loyalties are with the Republic or his employer the Russian state that pays him a princely monthly salary.

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It is amazing that the paper is not embarrassed to remind current readers that it had published such crap. Maybe this was meant as a subtle warning that its reports about Russia should always be taken with a sack of salt. He has a little over a month left to enjoy the Kyproulla dream which involves a political party taking you from obscurity and making you a local celebrity by appointing you to a high profile public post you have no right to be in.

Muscular female adult match Nemitsa

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