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Hello, New users on the forum won't be able to send PM untill certain criteria are met you need to have at least 6 posts in any sub forum. Best regards, Naked family sex stories. Hello, You can now get verified on forum. The pictures that you will send me for verification won't be public Best regards, StanleyOG. PM change Verification. ed: Dec 7, Messages: Dec 28, This is part 2 of a trip my family took to a nudist camp - I was 12 at the time. If you read the first story - titled Family trip to the Nudist Camp it will give you a better idea of how things started out.

The next morning, I woke up with a raging hardon. My parents and sister were already awake, and eating breakfast at the table in the motorhome - they were all naked of course, as this was our first family trip to a nudist camp and my sister and I were getting comfortable being naked around others.

I got out of my bunk, naked with my erection, and walked over to the table. As I walked up, I noticed everyone's eyes on my Naked family sex stories. My sister took a quick glance at it and looked away blushing. My dad looked at it and smiled, and my mom's eyes were on it for a bit longer, and she had a grin on her face. I sat down next to my sister, my cock still rockhard and standing straight up. And even though I was seceretly gay, my sister Jennifer, who was 11, was also turning me on too.

My mind went back to the day before and the awsome feeling of the blowjob my mother gave me while my dad fucked her, which didn't help my erection issue at all. My mom and dad went back to talking to Jennifer about what she wanted to do that day. I listened to them as I began eating breakfast, still very consious of my erection. The three of them chatted as I ate quietly.

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Suddenly, I gave a little jump as I felt a foot rubbing on my leg. I glanced up and saw my mother smiling at me, her foot rubbing my leg up and down. As I looked at her, she continued to rub my leg with her foot, going higher and higher. Our eyes were locked as her foot continued up, and I felt her toes on my balls, rubbing them gently. I held my breath as she did this, damn it felt so good and was getting me even more turned on.

I took a quick glance over at my dad, and apparently he knew what was going on, because he also smiled at me. Then my sister Jennifer gave quick jump and let out a little squeal, and settled back down, her eyes on Naked family sex stories. I noticed Jennifer was blushing, and my dad was smiling at her. I felt another foot brush my leg, and I then realized my dad was rubbing my sisters legs under the table with his feet, just like my mom was doing to me.

I glanced over to her lap, and noticed d toes rubbing Jennifers pussy, and she let out a sigh. As this was going on, my mothers foot at progressed from my balls to rubbing my cock, and it felt awsome on my Naked family sex stories. It was quiet at the table for a few minutes as this went on.

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Then dad spoke up and said "Well, before we start the day, I have an idea - lets start out with alittle family fun". I knew what went on between mom, dad and myself yesterday, but didnt realize that they had also had some fun with Jennifer while I was out. I got up, and so did Jennifer, and we walked down to mom and dad's bed. We both got on it, and laid down next to eachother just like dad had told us. I glanced at Jennifer, and I could tell she was just as excited as I was. Mom and dad came over and stood in front of the bed, both smiling. Dad had a huge erection, and I could see mom's pussy glistening from wetness.

My mind was going through all sorts of ideas of what was going to happen, and I couldnt wait - having them stand there staring at us was almost unbarable. Mom and dad both got on the bed, on their knees, mom in front of me, and dad in front of Jennnifer. Both of them grabbed our legs, and gently spread them as they crawed closer. I looked over at Jennifer, and her eyes were locked on my dad, and she was panting with excitement. I then glanced at my mother, who was now right between my legs. She took my legs, and put them over her shouldders, just like dad did to Jennifer.

Then as I watched, her face lowered to my balls, and she flicked her tongue out and licked them - I moaned with pleasure. She worked my balls over with her mouth, sucking each ball seperately then together, then began licking up my hard cock.

I was moaning by then because of the extreme pleasure I was Naked family sex stories. Jennifer was also moaning, and I looked over and saw my dad working her smooth young pussy over with his tongue. The motorhome was filled with the sounds of both Jennifer and I moaning as our parents worked on us - mom sucking and licking my cock, and dad licking and fingering my sister. I saw Jennifer begin thrusting her hips up and down, humping against my d finger and tongue, and she began to pant "oh yeah, oh yeah, dont stop daddy" as he worked her to an orgasm.

She let out a Naked family sex stories squeal as she came, my d finger and tongue burried in her pussy. Soon after that, I felt a huge orgasm approaching, and began to hump my mothers warm, wet mouth. She definately could tell what was comming, as she began sucking me even harder and faster.

After Naked family sex stories finished cumming, I looked up and my mother was smiling at me, a little cum running down the side of her mouth. Jennifer and dad were both looking at me too, both smiling. I laid back, trying to catch my breath from the huge orgasm I just had. My cock had softened a bit, but was still semi-hard. Mom gave it one last lick and sat up, then grabbed dad's cock and began stroking it. Dad was kneeling there, smiling and Jennifer and I watched as mom expertly jerked dad, running her fingers over the tip of his cock occasionally, and dad would let out a groan every time she did this.

Watching mom stroking dad made my cock begin to quickly get hard again. Mom stopped stroking dad, and we all waited to see what he wanted us all to do next. Ok, Jennifer I want you to do what you did with me yesterday to your brother" dad said. Jennifer looked at him and then at me.

Jennifer looked at me for a minute, then at my erection. Quietly, she got up, and stood on the bed with me between her legs. She slowly got down on her knees, and was sitting on my stomach. Her eyes locked on me, I felt her reach around behind her and grab my cock - I Naked family sex stories beleive it, my sister was straddling me, and holding my cock! Slowly, Jennifer moved as she guided my cock to her smooth, wet pussy.

Naked family sex stories

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Naked Family Stories