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Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! We're fortunate here in Melbourne to have everything from world-beating cocktail lounges to down-and-divey saloons to quench our neverending thirst. These 50 bars represent the pinnacle of Melbourne drinking. Many of them are Time Out Bar Awards winners. Others take pride of place in some of our most popular guides, like Melbourne's best cocktail barswine bars and rooftop bars. Above all, these bars have one thing in common: they are the very best this fine drink-swilling city has to offer.

Had a drink at somewhere on this list and loved it? Share it with the hashtag TimeOutDrinkList. You can also find out more about how Time Out makes recommendations and reviews bars here. Who could have guessed that in the Everleigh would only just be reaching the height of its powers? Nine years of brisk business and weighty awards, plus successful forays into bottling, books and even hand-cut ice have meant that its reign as king of the north is unchalleneged and a tipple at this beautiful cocktail lounge is the very definition of putting your best drink forward in Melbourne. To drink at Liberty is to revel in the best of all booze.

The only rule about each drop here is Nice bars in melbourne it must be a superlative example of its style. You should eat here, too. Raw beef is diced and mixed with capers and Dijon for a velvety texture, ready to be scooped mouthward by crisps of dehydrated polenta and sweet caramelised onion. The majority of the wine list, except for a literal handful of wines, are low-intervention wines that have either received extended skin contact, have been aged in amphora, have little to no sulfur added to the bottle, or are several of these things all at once. Orange tassel-covered lampshades, blue painted brick, disco balls and cabaret curtains are a refreshing change from the minimalist blond wood and prohibition-style bars littered around Fitzroy.

The Shady Lady knows it is different and encourages boatlo of fabulous, daggy fun. The offering at Above Board is not just personalised, but personal. There are Nice bars in melbourne a hand full of seats, and all of them face the drinks action where Lambert is putting the art back in artisanal. Melburnians never needed the succession of big international awards to know that the Black Pearl is where you go for a bloody good cocktail — though undoubtedly those accolades benefited the travellers who now flock to the bar as a checklist destination.

Not content to sit pretty on tried-and-tested masterpieces, the list is always on the move, keeping step with moods and seasons. Native ingredients are so on trend right now. Finger limes, muntries, quondongs and hashtags have been used and abused in the name of championing local produce.

Bad Frankie is a true-blue Aussie bar that puts jaffles, community sporting trophies and smart spirits utilising native ingredients next to each other. Sure, the wine list is a massive bottles long, with a few bin ends, but the staff are helpful enough to decipher it for you. There are classic bottles from around the world sitting among the new, crazy, skin-contact wines the kids are quaffing these days.

A party-starting bar, with a rooftop, smack in Chinatown — what business does Union Electric have being really, really, good? The bar champions fresh produce, each day pressing, juicing and infusing all manner of fruits, herbs and botanicals. There should be another word for what Byrdi is doing. Nice bars in melbourne seems more like some kind of lab where you get to play guinea pig to their scientist. The drinks, made and served by a fleet of staff swaddled in crushed linen, are highly original and highly delicious in equal parts.

Techniques commonly associated with kitchens are front and centre — fermenting, smoking, clarifying — and the are often thrilling. If you like cocktails, whisky, blues, good service and eating Reuben sandwiches at 2am, Beneath Driver Lane is your basement of dreams. Simon Denton opened a wine bar in his building opposite Fitzroy Gardens. Kieran Hoop is the man in charge of the kitchen, and dishes change almost daily according to produce that is in season.

The list is unapologetically, exclusively classics. Eau de Vie was once one Nice bars in melbourne those hidden bars that would take you a good chunk of time to find. EDV continues to be one of the busiest cocktail bars in town due to its ability to transport you out of the modern day and into the charms of yesteryear. EDV backs it up with some serious drinks and also a bit of flair. Angel Music Nice bars in melbourne is the meeting of two very different minds. If the purpose of a local bar is to reflect its neighbourhood, then Tetto di Carolina obviously got the memo.

The rooftop bar component of the Carolina complex on Toorak Road that includes Bar Carolina and Cantina Carolina is smooth, suave, expensively dressed and comfortably luxurious. The drinks riff on classics and lean Nice bars in melbourne the infused and the herbal. The Wall Street, for example, brings together surprisingly delicious sandalwood-infused bourbon with Martini Rubero and maple syrup.

This kitsch, cutesy rooftop promises a raucous garden party in the heart of the city. Decked out with AstroTurf, parasols and pastel-pretty timber furniture, this sky-high hub has long been a favourite for summer sessions that kick off in the afternoon and end after midnight.

Flirty staff kitted out in butt-skimming tennis gear ferry pitchers of fruity cocktails around the terrace. The tongue-in-cheek drinks list doesn't skimp on the double entendre, with plenty of mention of jugs, balls and oral pleasure.

The Madame seems intent on making you blush, but chances are that rosy glow will be thanks to the sunshine and booze-sloshed cocktails. Think about those plastic straws, empty bottles, plastic-wrapped napkins, cardboard coasters, paper menus and food waste. Ends and Means opened with a vision of being a low-waste and sustainable cocktail bar, and true to its word, it produces less than one bag of landfill a day.

At last, Spring Street sophistication had come to the shouty end of town. Years have passed, but it feels as essential as ever, proving that a classic wine bar, done well, never goes out of fashion. The list is as deep as it is broad, paying respect to all the old-world staples before giving equal ardour to trailblazing makers like Radikon and local innovators like Memento Mori. Whisky and Alement has been paving Melbourne nights with precious amber distills since These guys were also the first to have access to the limited-edition and crazy expensive Scotch Malt Whisky Society single cask bottlings — look for the dark green bottles with white labels and codes in place of distilleries.

A nondescript, dumpster-strewn alley no more, Mornane Place has finally borne fruit with the arrival of a very late night bar with some seriously good eats. A city cannot have too many places like Arlechin. Beneath the sexily arched cork-lined ceiling lurks a place that feels like a subterranean clubhouse. It has long marble bar, seating for 40, clever lighting and a good part of the Grossi cellar stored behind glass like a votive offering to the god Bacchus.

Craft beer, good wine, better spirits and great cocktails are the big draws here. But persevere, and your reward is a crew where friendliness and passion ripple throughout, from the young guns Nice bars in melbourne the taps to the folks in the wine shop. Behind the long bar there's a huge wall of 26 rotating taps to keep your attention piqued. Bar Tini is inspired by the Spanish bodegas you stumble upon by accident: where sherry and vermouth flow freely, cured legs of Iberico pigs are an acceptable meal, and premium seafood comes out of a can.

This will prove particularly helpful as service is all at the bar, keeping in line with those casual vibes. It's a timeless venue that is still very much one of the nicest drinking experiences in Melbourne. Not so. The Moon feels more like the VIP room of a nightclub or a sleek cocktail lounge than a wine bar. The beautiful people of Collingwood gather to chat Nice bars in melbourne the moody recesses of the black-painted space, lit by a giant, glowing picture of the eponymous heavenly orb.

The list of wines by the glass Nice bars in melbourne a good balance of approachable and more out-there natural stuff, with a slant towards Alsatian styles. To drink here, either a bit of knowledge or a sense of adventure are key. Paradise Alley is all these things and more. The wine list is intelligent and balanced, sitting proudly next to a large collection of aperitifs, sherries and ports that are forcing Gen Y to change the way they drink. We get it. But O. My Bar is here catering to the dozens of people who travel south-east to eat at O.

Believe it or not, it is a hit. My Bar seats 16, split between a high communal table and a handful of window seats in a simple, black-painted room with walnut furniture in the old Beaconsfield post office, where the feature is a Tom Samek artwork of a man sniffing wine inherited by Chayse Bertoncello owner and sommelier from Ramblr RIP due to Nice bars in melbourne loyal patronage.

Boilermaker House is home to one of the largest collections of whisky in Melbourne, boasting a library of offerings. Through the gigantic doors, the bar opens up to a brash explosion of bodies, blues and brews. A grande dame of the Melbourne bar scene, this louche, basement-level cocktail lounge has been keeping people loose and liquored for just shy of 20 years. Is Embla first and foremost a wine bar? Anyone wanting to humour their assertion could simply point to a wine list that changes like a chameleon and where low-interventionism is the north star.

A place that can make you strong coffee and a croque madame in the morning, send you away with a fresh baguette for lunch, and welcome you back for wine as the sun shimmies under the horizon. Enjoying that wine? Whatever you need, Westwood is here for you. Climb the stairs to the first-floor bar and restaurant to discover a clubby, handsome space of vintage bar stools, tapestry and brass.

Minimal-intervention, biodynamic and organic wines form the backbone of this commendable selection, and staff are only too happy to help you dip your toes into unfiltered territory. Peppered with quotes from booze-loving literary figures, the Nice bars in melbourne menu re like a love letter to sugar-cane spirit.

Spanning bottles, the list skips through the Caribbean, to South America, Mauritius and Spain, including white, golden, spiced and raw varieties. As expected, the Dark and Stormy is a crowd-pleaser, much like this dependable bar itself. Mezcal is a dangerous thing. The tables and stools are more cantina than bar, and the prime place to be is perched up at the counter.

The cocktail bar downstairs from the Goldilocks rooftop is just plain-and-simple good. The space has been completely redeed from its somewhat awkward, fairy tale-themed predecessor. The long bar has eight of the comfiest stools around; two-person booths run the length of the wall, while the next room holds private six-person booths looking out over the busy street. But somehow it manages to grab the attention of both, as well as the youth, south of the river.

Wear your best socks if you plan on staying a while at Hihou. Cocktails are also given reverential treatment, peppered with yuzu citrus, umeshu plum wine and shochu grain spiritcarefully prepared with science-lab beakers, stirrers and fine Riedel glassware. They're nailing the cosy neighbourhood style in an area heavy on options.

Pull up a stool at the long bar and get stuck into the tight but super engaging list of wines by the glass. A white from Georgia, served in big, delicate glassware, is salty, chalky and tastes pleasantly like underripe cantaloupe. Loch and Key is hidden up a rickety staircase, behind a bookcase in the Captain Melville bar. A blackboard menu lists the seasonal special, perhaps a citrusy, smoky blend of mezcal, Solerno and blood orange juice. The team has good reason to be laid back, so assured is the food and drinks offering.

Nice bars in melbourne

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