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I promise to always be fair and balanced when it comes to these sorts of guides and there are some cons when it comes to Niteflirt. Slick des like that of Manyvids or IWantClips attracts models far better. Best way to be seen is to bid — this is also a positive but more on that later. Many who are just starting and with no budget to start are turned off by this. This means many creators have to delete content to new content. If you have a good idea of how to set up youryou may want to scroll down but there will still be some gems in this section. We are going to assume you have created an and Night flirt phone is time to make your first listings.

First you need to understand the types of listings. What will happen if you break any of those rules? Usually Niteflirt will send a warning and Playfair their compliance team will issue you a warning. While NF is a pretty relaxed company, I would not suggest continuously breaking the rules.

Getting banned for cheap ploys to get some fast cash, when doing it the right way is just as lucrative… baffles me. A short list but common reasons for being rejected:. These listings are made so that you can take phone calls. It Night flirt phone the possibility for you to put searchable words that help you in discoverability but more on that later. I actually suggest making a listing in as many as it makes sense to do so. This Night flirt phone you can mix up your text and increase the chances of a customer being able to find you.

At a minimum, I suggest about 4 listings. It also helps you in bidding, but that again will be in a later section. A much ignored section on the site and I do NOT understand why. This means you can your audio files to Niteflirt. You will need to convert them to a WAV file or what I would suggest is to save it as a WAV as it is higher quality and then convert down to mp3 for individual sale.

Not only do you have listing real estate to display your buttons and goodies but you have the chance of customers to click and listen to the recording. You would be surprised how many customers use this section. With Niteflirt limiting how much content we canif this section was used, you would think they would delete it.

This is something not shown in the screen shot above. When the reviewer comes along, they will not approve your listing. Why would you want a hidden listing? I use them for my super fans. They get access to a slightly cheaper rate and I will often log into just that listing for them. How do you do this? In your listings panel, you can click to turn individual listings on. The above photo is a screenshot of the top s at the time it was taken on Niteflirt. These s are either paying a high premium to be there or have an extremely high LVS Score we will go over this later.

What we want to notice here is the profile photos. The smaller the photo, the closer of a shot it needs to be. You want someone to know what they are looking at by just glancing. While photos with a face do tend to do better, if Night flirt phone want to be anonymous, you can blur the face or do like Emjay83 is doing here and show from the nose down.

Masks are also ok too. Many phone sex customers in the lower bracket are looking for quick phone calls and this hurts your LVS Score, promise we will go over this later. How did we get this ? We wrote a script that pulled from Niteflirt every few hours for about a month. If you are a newerI do suggest going lower and raising your prices as you get more customers. My advice is to price for movement not ego. I started my Amberly at. I did not sit there long but it was enough to get those initial calls and feedback in.

My advice? It is the same tool I use here on this blog. There is a free plugin Night flirt phone Rank Math. I would highly suggest it for not just phone sex operators but anyone who makes content online. In the Posts tab, click Add Night flirt phone and you can use the Headline Analyzer tool to not only judge if your headline is good but also how to improve Night flirt phone. This took was deed to help you understand what makes people WANT to click. There is a psychology to marketing that has to be understood if you want to take the guess work out of it.

While Niteflirt is largely a phone sex site, they have the option for sexting via their chat feature. Make sure you are opted in and if you have a cell phone, I suggest sending alerts so you know as soon as someone texts you. You get paid about. I have to disagree on this notion though. Due to how we get paid and the many ways that customers can take advantage of Night flirt phone, I view it as a way to get paid to answer quick questions and to vet customers. If someone sends me a sext on Niteflirt, it means they have some money in their and a card on file.

This greatly increases the chance of building up to a phone sex call, selling a goody or getting started in on a phone sex game. Will you get some customers who send you a message and block you? Will you have customers who send you what seems to be paragraphs or able to type at the speed of God? But again, if you are looking at this as a way to at least get paid to get a customer qualified as interested in you? It changes the game. If you have a customer who seems like they only want to sext, then send some sexy photos or whatever you have readily available with a pay to view.

I also want to say to any veterans of the site, yes I wish it was more like Sextpanther and that we got paid when we sent a message and the customer opened it. I highly suggest this but you will find you get the most texts when you are logged in to take phone calls. If Night flirt phone click the image above, it will take you to where you can download it. The top portion of your is utterly important and is where most customers will get an impression of what you are about first.

It is here that you need to make sure you capture your customers. Going into your Mail options from your Niteflirt dashboard, you can navigate to where it says Payment Mail Buttons. What is a Niteflirt payment request and what does it have to do with Niteflirt listings? For this though, we have no intent of making money on the button. You can put whatever you want in the price section, few will pay for it but I do suggest you make it relatively low or expect a lot of angry messages.

Even with mine at. I tell them to look at their transaction details and then scroll to the bottom of the. This is usually enough to get them to turn around. By placing the button code at the top and labeling it as a Free Voice Sample, Free Video, Free Photos, etc; you will find that customers will click on this. This is extremely important! This gets your Niteflirt customers onto your mailing list and allow you to get the precious contact that you really NEED. After you get past the top of the Niteflirt listing, while I do believe our Optimal Niteflirt Listing guide is the best layout of course you need to edit it but the bones are thereyou can take more creative liscenses.

Think of your Niteflirt listing as a form of commercial real estate though. You want to put your best content on it and you also want to have searchable text to which customers can find you via the search function. I see many listings with little to no buttons on them. Many customers like to see what you are like without making a live phone sex call with you. These passive sales is also what helps you during those lull times in between calls.

So how many buttons is too much? Oh trust me, many Niteflirt phone sex operators put WAY too many flashy buttons on. It is distracting. Try to keep stuff that moves to about 1 to a good max of 5 items that are visible at one time. As for how many buttons can you have on your listing all together? I have been known to have over 50 but again, evenly spaced out and prioritizing text on my listing over just having buttons. While Niteflirt is a phone sex site, Night flirt phone have always made amazing amounts of money selling videos, mp3s and asments.

I always suggest having a wide array of offerings and setting those out here. Going to the Niteflirt Forums go to your Dashboard and click the Help iconyou can always ask if anyone does Niteflirt de. You will be met with many creators and I suggest to always ask to see a portfolio. My personal favorite deer unfortunately died a few years ago, Rest in Power Serena Cavaretti. I really love www. The portfolio on this site is absolutely top-notch and not only gets attention but looks marvelous. If you are on a budget, consider using my above-linked HTML outline.

Many flirts spend so much time on their de, trying to make it perfect. There are some TOP phone sex operators who have listings that are super plain. You must log in to post a comment. You must be logged in to post a comment. Need to know html in order to make Niteflirt listings or pay someone to do it. Getting Started on Niteflirt If you have a good idea of how to set up youryou may want to scroll down but there will still be some gems in this section. While I am one to risk it for the biscuit, this is not an area I am willing. Using a photo host that forces you to click to their site in Night flirt phone to host.

Live Listing These listings are made so that you can take phone calls. Hidden Listing This is something not shown in the screen shot above. Profile Photo Selection The above photo is a screenshot of Night flirt phone top s at the time it was taken on Niteflirt. Fawna Fuller August 30, at pm Log in to Reply. Pingback: August 31, at pm. Pingback: September 11, at pm.

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