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M anchester's ever-changing bar scene has been the envy of the north from the day the Hacienda first opened up its pioneering affiliate bar Dry way back in Ever since, the city has been heaving with late-night ts of all kinds, from upscale cocktail haunts to murky, subterranean dive bars. But there are hidden gems out there to be discovered for the Popular bars in manchester intrepid drinker.

You just have to know where to look Industrial estates rarely produce decent drinking holes, but Piccadilly Trading Estate is the exception. Manchester 's venerable Cloudwater brewery, maker of beer which can genuinely be called world class, produces brilliant — if pricey — IPAs, double IPAs, lagers, sours and weiss at this unit. But secreted away on a mezzanine next door is a stylish taproom with communal benches, Scandi-inspired furniture, pendant lamps and odd taps. Tthere's also gin and small-batch soft drinks for the wheat averse. A playground of beer, open daily from 3pm.

A discrete chalk re simply 'taproom', and up you go. The brewery showcases a handful of its latest creations, Popular bars in manchester also has the run of the secret roof terrace. While the grandly named Corbieres Wine Cavernis a true institution in Manchester drinking circles — it's coming up for its 40th Popular bars in manchester — you'd struggle to stumble upon it if uninitiated. Hidden down a murky backstreet by the Royal Exchange Theatre, stairs lead down to an often rowdy subterranean booze den that was once a home from home for the city's music scene.

It still has a sturdy selection of local heroes on its legendary jukebox, and a changing wine list, but to be honest, you come here for the cavernous vibes over the vintage Pinot. And possibly a game of pinball. This enticingly elusive pop-up is the tireless work of Manchester cocktail maven Emma Roberts, who, when she's not behind the bar, can be found trudging the fields and forests, foraging for obscure ingredients for her homemade tonics, tinctures and bitters.

The are dramatic and delicious, notably a ature Wild and Stinging Martini, using nettle gin and nettle leaves, and a moody take on the Manhattan, with rye whiskey, hawthorn brandied cherries and 'dark night' bitters. As much attention is paid to the non-alcoholic offerings, with cordials made from preserved figs and sarsaparilla made with juniper and hops. Follow them on social media to find out where they're popping up next.

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Address: Various Website: instagram. Secreted between a hair salon and an acupuncturist, you could happily walk past this subterranean drinking den every day of the week without realising that there's a cosy bar hidden below. Head down a narrow stairwell and find a dizzying array of sturdy craft ales and single malt whiskies. Built on the site of the Wood Street Children's Mission — founded in — the building's history is worn with pride, the original austere white tiles and wooden floors as they would have been nearly years ago.

Peggy's requires a trip over the border into Salford where, hidden down an innocuous backstreet, you'll find a dimly lit oasis serving genuinely stunning cocktails. They wittily riff on classics like the Pina Colada, with rum, buttermilk whey and turmeric, while also employing fermented juices, like the Mexican tipple Tepache, and local produce like Yorkshire rhubarb and Lancashire mustard greens.

A Martini with pickled walnut was a revelation. The menu changes weekly to move with the seasons, and the ice is hand-carved. A class act. From the outside this is a launderette, complete with coin-operated machines and plastic washing baskets. But lift the old-school telephone to get buzzed into The Washhouse's reservation-only backroom and enter via a large tumble dryer. The theatrical nature of the entrance is matched by the ostentatious creations within, with drinks served in cauldrons, a miniature sandpit, with accompanying atomisers and, in one case, a cereal bowl full of Coco Pops.

If all that's a bit too much, the hard liquor offering is solid, including a scorching white rye whiskey. Head downstairs to find a raft of serious cocktails in stolidly classy surroundings. We like the Brooklyn similar to a Manhattan but with walnut bitters and cherry and the mysterious Mexican Lady tequila, bitter citrus and smoke.

Thanks to a preponderance of lurid neon s and the fact that Convenience Store is emblazoned above the door, apparently people still come in asking where they keep Popular bars in manchester bread, magazines and cigarettes. Booze is easier to come by in this heavily disguised shebeen, Popular bars in manchester by the outspoken founders of Almost Famous, the city's pioneering burger t. Drinks are as brash as the surroundings, like the Flaming Moe, with vanilla bourbon and lemon beer, or the Agent Orange, the bastard offspring of the Margarita and the alcopop.

To soak it all up, the 'tater tot tacos' should be every shade of wrong, but unfortunately resistance Popular bars in manchester futile. El Gato Negro, one of the best restaurants in Manchesterhas already wooed the well-heeled of the city with its Basque and Catalan cookery from chef and founder Simon Shaw. The Iberico ham from the pata negra pigs is as good as anywhere, while the morcilla Scotch eggs aioli and apple puree are dangerously moreish.

Less well publicised, and certainly not visible from the pavement, is the restaurant's hidden rooftop spot, where — if it's not raining — you can retire and sip your Moroccan Lady gin, ginger liqueur, lemon and dukkah syrup beneath the stars on leather upholstery and comfy banquettes. You'll inevitably find yourself wondering if you're in the right place as you stand in front of an unmarked, run-of-the-mill city-centre doorway.

But push the buzzer and down you go, into the lightly sleazy Behind Closed Doors. The decor blends soft pornography and finest vintage tat, from old televisions to gaudy chandeliers, heavy onyx lamps and thick rugs old telephones on the tables can be used to call the bar. Drinks, meanwhile, have filthy names like the Furry Cup and the Wet Dream. Fun, and not for the easily offended. For the more prudish, try the shocking pink French martini, with a hint of raspberry and mint.

The walls Popular bars in manchester clad with wooden panels, and there are low lamps and sconces on the walls made from stuffed squirrels. Cocktails arrive amid clouds of dry ice, notably a Negroni Ristretto, which tastes of bitter coffee and orange chocolate.

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Meanwhile, the Mr. Brell is a zingy doff of the cap to a legendary bartender, the late Dick Brell, inventor of the Bramble and the Espresso Martini. Snacks-wise, there are squares of smoky burnt ends, which are, frankly, all you'll ever need.

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The rib-room-style menu almost upstages the drinks, with the crisped brisket, which comes slathered in a piquant orange sauce, providing a perfect accompaniment to the hard liquor. Hiding in plain sight on the Northern Quarter's central Stevenson Square, this bar looks like a seedy old-school pawn shop by day — complete with neon s and old TVs stacked in the window.

By night, of course, it's something rather different.

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Knowledgeable staff will guide you through its inventive concoctions, from the Brass Balls a nod to their pawn shop agea punchy Old Fashioned made with marmalade and ginger, to the Greenback, blending whiskey with sake, green tea and lychee. Prices are ludicrously reasonable. Keep scrolling for more pictures of the best secret bars in Manchester. Our guide to the best things to do in Manchester. Check out the best bars in London. The best vegan restaurants in Manchester. CN Traveller. Gallery List. Gallery Grid. Arrow Up Arrow Down.

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Popular bars in manchester

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