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He probably needs more exercise than we can give him during the week, especially in wintertime. We knew Jasper was the right choice for our family when our kids would regularly choose to play with him over watching television or being on the computer. He patiently allows the girls to clamber all over him, scratch his tummy and even take away his chew toys.

It helps that he is a gentle giant, Puppies in montreal to us on our hikes and capable of keeping up with our active family. That being said, adopting a dog has meant some changes Puppies in montreal our routine, and a lot of new responsibilities. Any family thinking of taking this step might want to consider a of different factors before they jump in. Making the wrong choices guarantees failure. First of all, consider honestly whether you will have the time and patience a dog will need.

Some people compare adopting a dog to adding another child to their family — the vast majority of the work falls on the parents no matter how much the kids insist differently. However, even an adult dog will need you and not just your kid for training and for company. Next, are you ready for a long-term commitment? Assuming you feel comfortable with the answers to those questions, and no one in your family suffers from severe dog allergies even the supposedly hypoallergenic breeds can still cause problemsPopper advises potential dog owners to think through the following elements:.

Spend some time at the library or on the Internet researching different breeds so you know what you are taking on. Some breeds, such as Weimeraners, need lots of exercise, while others, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs and Daschunds, need less. Very tiny dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers may not be suitable for very young children because the dog can be inadvertently injured during rough play. With any dog, training is imperative.

Do you live in an apartment or a house? Do you have access to a fenced-in yard? Are you near parks, dog runs, or other places where your dog will get a chance to run free? If not, consider a breed and size of dog that can get an adequate amount of exercise in your home or on urban strolls.

Short-haired dogs tend to shed their fur much more prodigiously than those with longer fur. Popper advises potential dog owners to think about whether you prefer a female, which tends to be more home-oriented and aloof, or a male, which can be a bit more shameless in his expressions of affection.

Ask how often your pet will need to go outside to relieve himself or to get exercise. Before adopting any animal, you should make sure the animal gets a completely clean bill of health, or else you may be stuck with expensive vet bills and a family distraught over the suffering of their pet.

Breeders should be registered with the Canadian Puppies in montreal Club CKCand provide complete paperwork on the animal you are adopting. Pet stores should only be considered as a last resort, and then only if they have an official seal of approval from the CKC. Dogs that are rescued, whether in shelters or animal rescue organizations, must still be checked out by a vet and evaluated for common health risks. Before adopting Jasper, we spent several months on the Internet combing through animal Puppies in montreal and rescue shelter websites. They had him neutered and evaluated by a vet as part of the adoption fee, and even arranged for a fee to have his hips x-rayed for the hip dysplasia that is all-too-common in large breeds.

There is no question that Jasper has added to our list of responsibilities, but he has also been a constant source of amusement. For every puddle of pee and shredded Puppies in montreal roll of toilet paper, there have been many more times where he has made us Puppies in montreal or wrestled us down to the floor for a big, furry cuddle.

And I even once found our 5-year-old curled up with him in a corner, recovering from a tiff with her sisters and finding unquestioned acceptance and solace in his adoring brown eyes. It kind of makes all the effort worthwhile.

Here are some Internet sites where you can find out more about choosing, adopting or fostering a dog. For information on local pet servicesvisit the Pet Section of our Resource Directory. Read or Leave a comment. Copyright Montreal Families. All rights reserved.

Puppies in montreal

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