Sex experience in delhi

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I have experienced it. I was I was in Delhi. I went there for my work in the afternoon. At around 7 pm, I was returning to my hotel after finishing my work. I searched on Google escorts in Delhi. I got some s I called more than s. But I chose one broker whose tone matched with mine.

I said, a Sex experience in delhi college girl. Then he asked me for a short time or a full night. I said the full night. Then he said the girl would be in my hotel in 30 minutes. I said, how do I choose the girl then. I said, what if I come and pick the girl. He said that would also be fine. I asked for his location. He was in Dwarka. I booked an Uber, and I was in his location in a few hours.

I called him he said to wait for there for 5 minutes. I was getting kind of nervous. It was my first time that I was hiring a call girl. He came in 20 minutes. Again he called me and told me to come inside the car. I asked where the girls are. He said in the car, come in the car and choose.

I went into the car, and I was sitting in the front seat. In the back seat, three girls were sitting. He told me to chose. It was dark there in the back seat, so I turned on my mobile flashlight. The girls started covering their faces. In no time that car left. Then he said to wait for 5 minutes another girl is coming. Then we started discussing the budget. I said 10k for a full night. I asked how much more.

He said 15k. I said 12k final. He said, okay. After a few minutes, another black alto came. He asked me to come in and choose. There were two girls in that car. Both were beautiful, but I choose the younger one. She was wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans and a red deep neck top. She was looking perfect. I came outside the car, paid him 12k, and told him not Sex experience in delhi call me before 7 am morning. I have my Aadhar card as proof.

I booked the cab, and the cab was taking a bit longer time. We can go to her place nearby. I was getting panic that, where will I get any condoms in the middle of the night? So I changed the cab destination near a medical shop. She said the entire night would be gone on this cab only. There are many medical stores on the way. I paid the money and went inside the car. After 20 minutes, I arrived at the hotel. I was standing close to her. I put one hand on her waist and went to the reception.

Can I have an id? He made a copy, and we were good to go. We went into my room. She ordered pasta. After 30 minutes, the room bell rings, it was room service. He Sex experience in delhi inside, and the guy was constantly looking towards the girl. She was really good looking. After a few minutes, he left. And we started chatting. I have taken medicine for this. I will take some rest. I hugged her from her back. I was also tired as soon as I lie down on the bed. I also fell asleep. At around am, she got a call. After 5 minutes, she wakes me up. She came back and started removing her jeans and top.

She asked Sex experience in delhi where are the condoms? I said in my pocket. I looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing only a red bra and red panty. She was looking damn hot. She removed my lower and underwear. My dick was already erect. I handed over her my two packets of condoms. She put the condom over my dick and she started playing with it. I asked her you have seen many dicks can you tell me hows my size. I feel my dick is small. Then she said can you dim the lights? I said why. Then she asked which position I like. She removed her bra and panty.

She was looking soo beautiful and her boobs were amazing. I started touching her boobs and I put my middle finger inside her pussy. But I feel that she was not feeling anything. If you are looking for emotional or girlfriend type of experience, then only your girlfriend can help you with that.

She said come over me, and I put my dick inside her pussy. And I fucked for a few minutes.

Sex experience in delhi

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