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Pretty much everyone is hardwired for sex. So do bees. Science can help, gentlemen, and here are three hot tips straight from the Greater Good Science Center. Let your heart be present. Friends, I want you to watch this video and think about sex. So what might mindful whoopee look like? To some people, mindfulness during sex comes naturally. This seems especially true for parents of young children. So why not just go with it, and let the future take care of itself? Or so I tell myself.

Do I listen? Not Sex guy tips, no. But do as I say, gentlemen, not as I do. Your wife will thank me for it. Think like a zebra. As neuroendocrinologist Robert Sapolsky points out in a Greater Good Science Center talk he gave last year, our bodies secrete adrenaline and many other hormones to deal with short-term physical crises.

And he stinks at turning off those worries when he enters Sex guy tips bedroom. The point, my friend, is that you need to get a grip. Daily stress is a sex-killer. People are depending on me. So how can we deal with the pressure and think more like zebras, and thus enjoy the same firm, dependable erections they do?

Lucky for you, Greater Good is filled with excellent tips for preventing stress. In her Raising Happiness blog, Christine Carter suggests a few : making a list of all the things that make you stressed so that you can deal with them; changing your routine and make plans that take the stress out of your day; building your coping capacity through sports or yoga or whatever else floats your boat; and prioritizing your own health and happiness.

Many studies suggest that practicing compassion and forgiveness reduce stress. This especially applies to our intimate relationships, where we can stress ourselves out over the wrong word or Sex guy tips sideways glance. Are you for it or against it? I know the answer should be obvious, but I ask because some guys are against it. I know I am. Oh, sure, I have many pious and high-minded rhetorical points to make about the value of communication, and, hell, I communicate for a living. Just ask my wife. OK, now, try applying these principles when you bring up the death of oral sex in your relationship.

Or a secret desire to dress up as an astronaut and a ballerina. Or whatever. Speak, my friend. You might Sex guy tips out that your girlfriend wants to be the astronaut and you to be the ballerina. Why not? Try it. Of course, sexual communication goes beyond saying what you want. It also involves asking questions. So use your ears as well as your tongue, and perhaps even strive to understand before you Sex guy tips to be understood. Use your fingertips, too.

Greater Good Science Center Faculty Director Dacher Keltner has documented how well touch can convey emotions like compassion and get the love hormone oxytocin pumping. But be warned: He found differences between men and women when they try to communicate emotions through touch.

My conclusion? Touch your mate early and often, and train each other to feel what the other is feeling. Ladies, what tips do you have for the emotionally intelligent gentleman? And guys, please do share your wisdom based on your vast and worldly experience. With eyes wide open. And lips parted.

Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. You can follow him on Twitter! Do you really want to be that unaware of your special mommy and daddy time??? Emotionally Intelligent Lady pm, February 13, Link.

This is hilarious. Though it also contains many serious points, most of which are hard for me to disagree with. Mark pm, February 14, Link. Great article—really funny, and very to the point. My contribution to this conversation is this: For men, sex precedes intimacy. For women, intimacy precedes sex. What a conundrum! But the wiring is getting more different all the time. Sheesh, what is a woman to do? Mindful Mom am, February 17, Link. I can honestly say that I enjoy rather an open relationship with my partner and we have no quarm in bringing up points Sex guy tips would like to discuss about sex or not.

I think being frank and honest can be an excellent asset between you. Gary smith pm, February 18, Link. Mi Li am, February 22, Link. Dylan am, February 22, Link. JG am, April 9, Link. Thanks for the article - the ending has especially opened my eyes to the world of interpreting better understanding how a man touches me. I usually take most of it more like a of desire - firing up my own - and tend to be unaware of nuances. However, as a possible tip for guys: just borrow your hands to her, in other words, invite her to show you how she wants to be touched.

Diana pm, April 24, Link. If a guy is having problems in the bedroom, he can take little pills to improve himself or other alternative medicines that can help him be more confident in bed even with stress. Stress is a part of life and decreasing it is definitely a positive for any health man. Joe Sex guy tips pm, May 4, Link. This is a very nice article. I really learned a lot from it.

I think we will do more touching from now on. I am still inclined with the use of sexual enhancer because they make us more satisfied but I am now more opening for new things. Courtney Sanders pm, July 15, Link. I found it myself a week or so after it was written. And my wife sent me a link to it yesterday.

I just said Thank you hun, without saying I had seen it before. All of the points I agree with. Being there completely, the world goes away when I am in that mood. Stress, well ok we all try to do something about this, with more or less success. The communnication thing, yes, we talk about what we each would like.

Actually I am the only one who ever has anything to say on this. My wife has no interest in sex. On top of that she suffers from dysparunia. I have asked fo things that I never get. I have offered things most women like and been refused over and over.

She is a wonderful person and I love her very much. I feel so rude and disrespectful for doing it but I am searching for sex outside the marriage, and having some success. Any tips on what to do next? Richard Jesch pm, August 8, Link. You said great things but left out chemistry.

Believe me women want it too and do not like the pot bellies, the out of breath lover who can not sustain an erection. Woman want to move and play in bed, not just lie there. Rebeca - Siren am, December 20, Link. When it comes to communication the most important thing to remember if you want to keep the love alive is to say something loving every single day.

Go out of your way, elaborate, gush even but be sincere. Lovemaking starts long before you get your clothes off. JudithAnn am, February 10, Sex guy tips. Become a subscribing member today. Scroll To Top Pretty much everyone is Sex guy tips for sex. Get the science of a meaningful life delivered to your inbox. About the Author Follow.

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