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Chances are your feed is stuffed with awesome tattoos, videos, sketches, and des to inspire any creative person. Spice things up with these gorgeous Instagram hotties who share the same passion for ink you do. While you could just follow every tattooed hottie you come across why not be as selective as your love of tattoo artists and choose only the best instead? A gorgeous brunette who toes the line between slim and athletic.

ebony madam Saige

She hails from Cologne, Germany and has been modeling for 10 years. Her shots are more candid and gritty and less posed. Lots of selfies and party pictures mixed in with professional modeling shots. A skinny brunette who favors the duckface. If you can get past that she posts plenty of workout pictures, and has her own youtube channel.

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Shes a model for some of the biggest brands around and her shots are very much lifestyle or candid rather than posed portraits. Thinking about ….

sweet whore Myla

A busty blonde from Aus who loves her cat and spends plenty of time by the pool in a bikini showing off her tattoos. A post shared by kandizz on Jan 10, at pm PST. She has a very girl next door vibe, despite having a big city look. Brb trying Sexy babe tattoo move stuff with my mind jk I was fixing my hair but whatever. A gritty blonde who has an in your face persona which shows in her pictures. A writer and sometime model her pictures are very much your typical girls day with food, friends, selfies, and some cute modeling thrown in.

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Her trim strawberry blonde self has a real appeal especially since she favors fantasy shoots. Planning on taking a series of 3 day trips to some of my favorite cities in America soon. Where do you live?

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Should I visit your city? A talented entrepreneur that makes her own products under the label Blackwater Riot. The man in black travels with your soul in his pocket. A post shared by zombiegogo on Nov 4, at am PDT. With Sexy babe tattoo cool 1. Most of her photos are professional images or behind the scenes, no drunk selfies here! A post shared by Erica Fett erica.

Her posts are lifestyle and candid but also contain much of her modeling work for Sullen. Tags: girls hottest module1.

black miss Sage

Toggle. Makani Terror A gorgeous brunette who toes the line between slim and athletic. You May Also Like.

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Sexy babe tattoo

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