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AST K T. The affair was conducted with speed; when the flashbulbs exploded and the radio reporters present started to leave, Wilfried exclaimed, with proper and understandable disappointment, "Shucks, is that all? We would seem to have a community of interest, I'd say.

One of a group here at the invitation of radio station KRNR and under its sponsorship, he is living in a Roseburg home, working at a Roseburg retail, store and being entertained in his spare time by its mayor, its banker, its baker and its candlestick maker. For our part we can feel assured that Wilfried Maeding is a most excellent young man and that his youth, in view of his experiences, is extremely deceptive.

For years Shag tonight Kleuta was a member of the German anti-Communist underground and the Russians have a price upon his head.

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It was very collegiate. The Junior chamber of commerce has made arrangements to place calls directly to Santa Claus between the hours of and 9 p. It is necessary only for the children to pick up the telephone and tell central they wish t'j speak to Santa. Arthur H. Truxes Jr. Truxes, Atlanta, received orders last June to return to this country in August to train for the laae Olympic game. Instead he requested a from Tokyo to Korea.

API Frank M. Grandstaff, who composed the "Big Spring Cantata" in his prison cell, soon will be a free man. It is believed he will be the first ever pardoned as an habitual criminal in Tennessee. Browning said, "I am giving himi a pardon to let hinCget out of the. O ', state. All the matters for which he? It was inspired by awook written by druggist Karl PhilipGrandstaff was guest of honor at the Big Spring centennial.

Grandstaff's record shows 20 offenses, mostly larceny. It was a Memphis larceny that brought him Shag tonight Kleuta a the lite sentence 10 years ago. K Maeding is one or the foreign students from the University of Oregon visiting Roseburg and working in local businesses for a week as promoted by KRNR.

The tall curly-haired youth is stocking shelves at Nielsen's and trying to sandwich in a tour of the city between working hours. Wednesday afternoon, Mayor A Shag tonight Kleuta Flegel took him and five other students to the Roseburg Lumber company. The young German couldn't contain himself when he saw the size of the operation.

Other sources of astonishment to him were the extensive Christmas decorations and the unconcern of passers-by when the group was having its picture taken op the street. Then I'll get in touch with the Shag tonight Kleuta lshouldhave married 30 years agcVThen I'll go io see. Mil dred Mctonkey of Fort Wayne, Ind. He said tney plan to marry. At Fort Wayne.

McConkey, 47, SY'swing shift" worker for Gen eraftlectric, said she couhl hardly believe the news, she added that when Grandstaff is freed. Appeal Turned Down. Wilson took office today as director of defense mobilization and immediately appointed General Lucius Clay and banker Sidney Weinberg as his assistants. Wilson, former president of General Electric, told Shag tonight Kleuta of the two appointments at the White House after taking the oath of office in President Truman's presence.

Clay, former U. Already, in another step toward cushioning the shock of the de fense buildup on the nation's economy, the government had asked 2S0 large corporations to give at least seven days' notice before raising prices on any major products.

Economic Stabilization Director Alan Valentine said this would give his agency time to study the proposals and decide if they were justified. If not, the agency could ask or order their abandonment. Compliance Started Two firms asked lo help hold the price line International Harvester company and Socony-Vac-uum Oil company wired agreement to go along. Sinclair Oil Corp. And Standard Oil company New Jersey officials said compliance was up to affiliated operating firms but added they would be "surprised if the affiliates did not go along.

Frozen bodies of Chinese and white-robed Korean Reds littered the snow-crusted easr flank of the United Nations defense ring where the attack was made. Communist survivors apparently were numbed to a standstill by the fury of 'round-the-clock bombardment Wednesday by allied warships, planes and land artillery. Quiet also was reported on the western Korean front. General MacArthur's headquarters reported the Chinese had suffered heavy losses at a ratio of 10 to I during the darkest days of the allied retreat Shag tonight Kleuta molt of North Korea, Nov.

The United Nations corrayan-der reported U. The Weathef Generally fair today, tonight and Friday. Highest temp, for any Dtc- 70 Lowest temp, for any Dec. Sunrise tomorrow, a. The Christmas program will include free moving pictures, and Santa Claus will be on hand to distribute candy treats to the children in each of the three theaters. The Elks hand the city of Hose burg over to the children each year on the Saturday before Christmas. The Christmas program is financed by the profits from the organization's annual minstrel shows. The program will get underway at the theaters at about 1 p.

V President Truman's holiday message to members of the armed forces says their mission "is lo strengthen and to give hope to all who seek peace on earth. The brief message concludes: "May the real spirit of Christ mas abide with you, and may all ol us, in concert with all free peo ples, come nearer in the New Year to realizing man's ultimate dream ot liberty, justice and freedom O Pi ' Qr. Santa Claus was Shag tonight Kleuta hand and treats were distributed to the scouts and many other children. The program consisted of Christmas movies and several musical acts.

The Senate gave the measure hasty approval Wednesday, after a sketch-thc highlights report from its tax-writing finance committee on what the bill would do. Today a committee of Senate and House members took over, seeking a compromise. Senator George D-Gaheading the conferees, said the bill undoubtedly contains errors that the next Congress will have to correct. But on the whole, he told the Senate, it is the best that could be devised in his short session ol Congress.

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As passed by the Senate the measure would beost the corporation surtax from 20 percent to 22 percent, to go along with the excess profits levy. The House had proposed no surtax change, but its version of the excess profits levy was far less mild. Both House and Senate already are agreed, however, on a 75 per-cent tax on assumed "excess profits" defined as1 earnings that 'ex ceed 85 percent of the average for the three best years from through And both agree the tax should ba retroactive to last Julv 1. The senate bill declares that the combined corporation income tax surtax and excess profits levy may not take more than 60 per- cent of any firm's net income.

The House had proposed a 67 Shag tonight Kleuta ceiling. The senate measure provides at ternative methods, for firms to compute the excess profits tax The main option allows them to claim exemption credits equal to 8 to 12 percent or tneir assets. IP Shag tonight Kleuta deadline for applying for soldiers' bonuses in Delaware, Indiana.

Iowa, Minnesota and Louisiana is December 31, the State. Veterans department said. Hoover, speaking on radio and television, said it would be "sheer folly" to engage in in Asia or the continent of Europe. The Rev. Willis F. Erickson, South Rose, was elected chairman; E. Titcomb of Rock Island Lumber Co. Motschenbacher, publicity. Attending the meeting from Salem were Charles F. Bollinger, assistant director, accident preven tion division of the Slate industrial Accident commission; II. Stevens and George Smith, local representatives for the commission.

The organization's purpose is to cooperate with employers and employees Shag tonight Kleuta accident prevention as well as promote safety in the home, school, on the highway and in other activities. Bollinger stated four cities have organized Governor's Regional Safety committeei and other committees and other committees are being organized.

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He also reported on the accomplishment of the other committees and the favorable cooperation given by their respective communities. In promoting safe working. Particularly unsafe conditions in Ihe vicinity of Roseburg were discussed at the meeting. Erickson appointed the committee to investigate such situations. Those atending were Rev, Mrs. Titcomb,- Wilcox, Mot schenbacher. Gene Miller, Ted Pursia. Howard Cracroft, A. William Green, Smith and Stevens. The next meeting will be Jan. Hoover said the communists could never break through American sea and air power to invade the Western Hemisphere.

At another point, he expressed the opinion that the atomic uamb is "a far lesa dominant weapon that it was once thought to be. It would be "inviting auothor Ko rea, ne declared, to Shag tonight Kleuta more troops, or money to Western Eu ropean nations before they had armed themselves as a "uie dam against the Red flood. Hoover said Western Eu. Dwight D. Eisenhower as supreme commander of Western European forces and said additional U. He urged that Shag tonight Kleuta United States free Japan and help her rearm; stiffen the defenses of Formosa and the Philippines; reduce non-military expenses, balance the budget and roll back inflation; aid other nations that show "spirit and strength" in defending themselves against communism; Shag tonight Kleuta engage in no appeasement any where "no more Teherans and Yallas.

Hoover proposed that the United Nations lake these actions against communist China: declare it an aggressor, refuse it member ship, demand that U. The ex president criticized the British for "flirting with ap peasement of communi. She had been ill since Jan. Her condition took a turn lor the worse Jan. Caraway was a senator for slightly more than 13 years during the administration of the late President Franklin D.

A Democrat, Mrs. Caraway went to the Senate Nov. Thaddcus Caraway. Later she won one special and two regular elections. While not the first woman to hold a senate seat Rebecca Latimer Feltnn of Georgia was dp-pointed in lo till out a vacancy Mrs.

Shag tonight Kleuta

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