Signs someone is pushing you away

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This distance leaves you hurt and confused. You thought your relationship was progressing nicely, until they started throwing up walls to keep you back, that is. Change will require some dedicated effort, but you can learn to let people in. Often, yes. Identifying possible reasons can be an important first step toward regaining intimacy in your relationships.

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Pushing people away is one way of avoiding intimacy. In fact, this avoidance can act as a defense mechanism for people afraid of getting hurt in relationships. As you begin developing a relationship with a new partner, the instinct to protect yourself begins to take over. Actions like starting arguments and avoiding emotional intimacy sometimes happen more unconsciously — but the end result is usually the same. The thought of a close intimate relationship makes you uncomfortable, so you do what you can to avoid intimacy as a means of self-preservation. Attachment style can also play a part in intimacy avoidance.

You might tend to develop low involvement or casual relationships that you can back out of when things get too intense. Or you could also alternate between the urge to pull partners close or cling to them and the need to push them back. Learn more about different attachment styles. People who lack confidence or have a hard time with self-esteem may also end up pushing people away.

Maybe you really care for someone but doubt you have the skills to sustain a long-term relationship or friendship. Broken trust is hard to repairand its effects can linger, following you from one relationship to the next. Still, a persistent lack of trust in someone who has never given you cause for doubt can eventually cause some bumps in the road.

Maybe you constantly question them or check up on them, or you simply struggle to open up emotionally — neither of which are helpful for building a health relationship. You could also, of course, have some difficulty trusting yourself. This often ties back to self-confidence. If you made mistakes in the past, you might worry about messing up again and hurting your current partner. Guilt and self-doubt might leave you pushing them away to protect you both. When you truly desire a close, intimate relationship, you might want to rush to get there quickly.

Yet real intimacy takes Signs someone is pushing you away, especially when your relationship history involves heartbreak or betrayal. Healthy relationships require good communication. Talking with your partner about a habit of avoiding intimacy might feel a little scary, but it can make a big difference for your progress.

Explaining why you find intimacy challenging can help your partner understand why you hesitate to open up, so you might consider sharing a few details about your past experiences. Worrying about another betrayal sometimes gives me the urge to wreck relationships before I get hurt again. Your goal is interdependence. That means you establish a bond and work to support each other without Signs someone is pushing you away on each other entirely. You share a life, but you still remain your own person. But disagreements happen from time to time, even in close relationships. Overcoming long-standing patterns of behavior often proves challenging, so remember to treat yourself kindly.

It may not seem like much, but the fact that you noticed the problem suggests you have the self-awareness needed to establish lasting change.

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Your reasons for pushing people away might have an impact on how quickly change happens. Having trouble identifying your reasons for avoiding intimacy? Not sure how to break the habit of pushing loved ones back when what you really want is deeper intimacy? You might notice some progress navigating these issues yourself, certainly. Therapists have plenty of training and experience in helping people address avoidance and other intimacy issues.

They may not realize exactly how their actions affect you, for one. They could also be coping with something completely unrelated to your relationship. Remember, people deal with challenges differently.

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Once you express your feelings, give them a chance to explain and hear them out. Maybe they need a little more communication, or a little more physical reassurance like a kissembraceor casual touch to feel more secure with you. They might find it helpful if you point out when they start shutting down — but not always.

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If your loved one pushes you away because they fear rejection, the solution might seem clear: Simply reassure them of your love on a regular basis. It can leave them needing this reassurance more and more. When you feel your loved one pushing you away, fear of losing the relationship might lead you to try making up the distance yourself.

Yet clinging to them or pressuring them to open up will probably make them want to shut down further. Then, show them you mean it by offering the space they need to feel more comfortable with intimacy. A therapist can help you delve into the reasons behind intimacy avoidance and practice turning toward others instead.

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Signs someone is pushing you away

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