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Whether some songs are funny or endearing, each song is meant to convey a personal, yet indissoluble truth. Our strongest pull to aging seems to be the memories that flood our days like time without a pattern. Many songwriters and musicians have crafted beautiful melodies and lyrics to sing to the siren that is aging, hoping to slow it down and lull it to sleep to stop it from happening.

Maybe one of these songs can help ease your anxiety about aging, or just make you feel more wisened thanks to the passage of time. The artists below sing about their struggles with aging. It ranges from fear and sadness to restlessness and acceptance of death. The famous lyrics share a strong metaphor about important life changes after taking time to reflect.

You can tell by their hands how hard someone works—and how strongly they love. Lana Del Rey asks a legitimate question to her lover, "Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful? Durante envies the young who are hopeful, kind, daring, dreamers, and unsettled. It's easier to pretend the world will stay as you know it, but sometimes that all can come crashing down. Everyone has a habit of reminiscing about the older, and sometimes Songs about old women days, including Bruce Springsteen.

It all comes to a halt as she writes about how a mother's death catapults you into life's driver's seat. When you grow up, there will be jobs, bills, and emotions with which to struggle. The singer wants to stay in his room to avoid all of that. Lennon's lyrics begin with fear about aging.

Later, there's less fear, but he still understands it's all just borrowed time. The singer keeps returning to his 15 th year with hopefulness. The rest of the years are filled with anguish or fear. These mellow songs are about the passage of time, coupled with love's ambitions.

Legend's song is about devotion through time, seasons, passions, and people who come and go. Mariah Carey is one of our generation's most celebrated songbirds. Throughout his career, he won eight Grammys and recorded sixteen albums.

This is one of his biggest Songs about old women, all Songs about old women seeing the best with a loved one at his side. His soulful voice provides a mellow tribute to love and staying in love no matter what happens. Lionel Ritchie's ballad is about professing a long-lasting love. The song is an honest declaration from his heart and soul. Frontman Lionel Ritchie wrote this song inall about the ups and downs of love, and still being in love.

The song appeared on their album Midnight Magic. Kem's "Share My Life" isn't just a song about sharing your life with someone. It's also about being present for someone enough to help their dreams happen, too. Country songs can be matter-of-fact or very revealing about life in general. The honesty is appreciated.

Take a look at our picks for the best country songs about death for more ideas. Nothing quite like age to remind you that you are no longer as young and spry, as the song says. Kenny Rogers began his career as a jazz singer, but has some long-standing hits in country. This song shares the belief that as people age in love, their love gets stronger, through all their trials and tribulations. Toby Keith's song is about a man feeling ten-feet-tall and bulletproof when given a chance to call someone's bluff.

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And letting others know it. This song follows a baby in her crib, her brother and parents as they travel across time. Conway Twitty was born in Arkansas in and made his career in country music. Gene Autry is crooning about his old dad. He'd like the ability to make him young once again, but he accepts that mom's waiting for dad in heaven.

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One person's mischief is another person's reality. The musicians below aren't shy about turning truth into something amusing for us all. Advice from an old man… You'll be waiting on your lady your whole life, so get used to it. This song has some great swing and trumpet, reminiscent of Kansas City Jazz from the s while it also shares a silly tale of a man saying his flirting days are over to his wife. One Songs about old women is a guarantee.

If you're an older man hitting on a younger woman, there's bound to be some generational gaps. Written inthis song a no holds barred, sarcastic look at fleeting love. You're going to need to have someone near who will be the one person you can call when aging is exasperating. Bodies change. Sometimes we age well, and sometimes we wish we would have aged better. A "Plea from a Cat Named Virtue" is a song about a cat that really understands his mom. He also wants to start hanging out with the neighbors to get her out of her funk.

It wouldn't be Songs about old women Sandler if it wasn't the cheekiest look at growing old with someone. The artists below recognize that aging in love means fire sometimes accompanies pleasure or tension. Are You Lonesome Tonight" is about a man missing his love—wishing to Songs about old women their romance or extinguish the light altogether. This song is hopeful about their love lasting through time, and it's about a plea for time to make their love last.

McCartney belts out a robust and passionate appreciation for his love. Your partner isn't going to care about your hair or lack thereof or anyone else but you when you get old. The Beach Boys have been performing for almost sixty years. Rihanna performed this at the Grammys with Mikki Ekko. The "Power of Two" is about getting away from the crazy world for a minute to find normalcy together.

Aging and getting older is a new experience every day. Thankfully there are some great songs to guide us along the way. Looking for more? Check out our picks for the best poems about aging and the best books about aging. Icons sourced from FlatIcon. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish, and check out our cookie policy for more information. We've been there.

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Songs about old women

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