Speed dating active learning

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Arrange the chairs in two or more lines so the students sit facing one other person. If possible put a line of tables in between to make the setup more realistic. Depending on how well your students know each other and your target languagethey can either use their real identities or invent a person to play. Students can either keep their own card, Speed dating active learning to make things more interesting, put all the cards in a hat and draw a random person. If students used invented people, they can give their impressions of personality, and see if the adjectives they use match what was written on the card.

Plus, they can say who they think is the best match for them as a friend, based on hobbies, personality, likes and dislikes. If you wish, they could also do the above as a written activity, as a message to a friend describing how the speed dating went. This is a particularly good idea when your target language is reported speech. The Speed Dating ESL Activity is a fun way for students Speed dating active learning get to know each other, as an initial icebreaker or one or two classes in.

If you want to practise jobs or sports and hobbies in particular, ask students to focus on those topics. If students invent characters, it lends itself well to using personality adjectives for describing people e. Students cement their knowledge of this vocabulary by both acting and recognising different personalities. Finally, for more advanced students you could focus on reported speech.

To get a variety of direct speech, give the students more freedom in their discussions and encourage them to make plans too e. She said she would call me tomorrow. For another similar activity, try Personality Party. Got a picture or video of this activity in action? How about snapping one next time you use it? We'd love to showcase your submissions- find out more here. The I Spy ESL game is a version of the well-known game in which students guess vocabulary words from the first letter or the colour of the object.

Speed dating active learning

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Using the "Speed Dating" Model to Enhance Student Learning