Speed dating eesti

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Blog Press Information Linguee Apps. EAGFi puhul kohaldati eespool nimetatud mehhanismi teist korda Although there were no stu di e s dating b a ck totherefore, the remuneration was nevertheless based on these economic principles, as had subsequently been confirmed by the benchmark study see tables 4 and 5. Kuigi alates As regards more specifically the Portuguese economy, this was also the appropriate legal basis for the various Commission decisions approving Speed dating eesti measures undertaken by the Portuguese authorities to combat the financial crisis, in particular its approval of the Portuguese recapitalisation scheme and the extension thereof, the last such deci si o n dating f r om March Densities of up to per hectare are authorised only for plantat io n s dating f r om before entry into force of the Decree of recognition of 2 December In order to be competitive Speed dating eesti other modes of transport, international and national rail freight services, which have been opened up to competition since 1 Januarymust be able to benefit from a good-quality railway infrastructure, that is one which allows freight transport services to be provided in good conditions in terms of commer ci a l speed a n d journey times and to be reliable, that is to say that the service it provides actually corresponds to the contractual agreements entered into with the railway undertakings.

The EESC endorses the Commission's goal of further opening up the telecommunications markets to competition and boosting investment in hi Speed dating eesti h - speed n e tw orks including all fixed, mobile and satellite technologies 3and its aim of furthering the Internet of the future the Internet of things and the semantic web and optimised spectrum management in the internal market, also in Speed dating eesti context of audiovisual service digitisation.

In particular, health assessment from the BfR on lead, antimony, barium, arsenic and mercury, as well as on nitrosamines and nitrosatable substan ce sdating f r om Januarywas provided. Furthermore, point 4. Local authorities should also consider using fibre core networks that have been or are being constructed to link up public entities schools, libraries, clinics in order to bring hi g h - speed c o nn ections Speed dating eesti unserved communities On 23 Decemberin order to have a full understanding of the decision-making process, the Commission departments asked the Italian authorities to provide any further documents availa bl edating f r om before the point at which Fri-El Acerra embarked upon the investment project, which might serve to justify the investment decision.

The Commission finds that Denmark, although requested to do so, failed to carry out the calculations necessary to establish those amounts, which were not paid as own resources to the Community by reason of the Treaty infringement in ques ti o n dating f r om the ing year. This view Speed dating eesti supported by several General Conference Resoluti on sdating b a ck toby which the Agency was requested, inter alia to intensify postgraduate educational and specialized training courses in appropriate official languages of the Agency, and to develop syllabuses and training material for specific target groups.

S ed a seisukohta t oe tavad mitmed In addition, in the field of 9. The main reference framework for the safety standards should be the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea the SOLAS Conventionas amended, which encompasses internationally agreed standards for passenger ships and hi g h - speed p a ss enger craft engaged on international voyages, as well as appropriate Resolutions adopted by the IMO and other measures complementing and interpreting that Convention.

Komisjon andis The Member States must place investments in hi g h speed i n te rnet at the core of their growth strategy58in particular by putting into practice the operational plans in this field, rapidly transposing into national law the revised European regulatory framework for electronic communications, adapting town planning law to limit deployment costs, using the regional policy funds available or the instruments envisaged in the Connecting Europe Facility proposed by the Commission for example debenture loans What is worrying here is the practical feasibility of a proposal which, on the one hand, is based on assessm en t s dating b a ck to - in other words to before the crisis which struck and is continuing to affect the sector heavily - and, on the other, fails to lay down sufficient timeframes for implementation.

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Speed dating eesti

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