Straight boys bored with girls

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Hey I'm 18M and questioning my sexuality ever since the pandemic. For most of my life I assumed I'm straight. Then I went through a phase where I could only jerk off to trans girls and femboys. Around that time I started putting stuff up my ass and really liking it more than the post nut regret. Now I can jerk off to anything including gay porn, but sometimes I can't even get hard if I watch gay porn.

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I think I'm mostly attracted to feminine looking guys and sometimes I'm not attracted to guys at all. Is that the bi cycle or am I just a straight guy jerking off to trans girls?

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Has anyone else experienced something like this? Are you attracted to any guys in real life?

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I've felt really close to some of my guy friends and I can't stop thinking about my male history teacher maybe I have crushes on them idk. I try not to think about that though they're not gay so it'd ruin the friendship.

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Sounds like the bicycle to me, so you might be bi. Am I bi or just a bored straight guy?

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Posted by 9 months ago. Thank you all for helping me figure this out. Sort by: best.

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Straight boys bored with girls

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Am I bi or just a bored straight guy?