Train ticket chiang mai to bangkok

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Home ยป Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is one of the most popular train trips in Thailand. Following the popularity of train trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the locals and tourists also use the same service to go back to Bangkok city.

Thai Railway provides 5 train trips daily from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. The train departure schedule begins as early from 6. People usually take an overnight train from Chiangmai to Bangkok so they could sleep through what could be 14 hours journey. Famous train ticket type is the 2nd Class Air-Conditioned Sleeper because this type offers enough convenience for the passengers with more affordable price compared to the 1st Class.

Taking the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is cheaper than the Train ticket chiang mai to bangkok ticket. Moreover, if you book the right ticket type, you could have a more comfortable journey compared to bus. Besides, the ticket price for 2nd Class Air-Conditioned Sleeper train is almost the same as the bus ticket price.

Different departure time has different type of trains and different ticket types. The train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok ticket price varies depending on the departure time, train type, ticket type and the drop off point. Below are the train schedule and other information for the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai that are available for online booking:. Without the printed ticket, you are not allowed to board the train. Tickets shown from the phone or tablet is not valid. The distance between Chiang Mai to Bangkok is around km. As for the trip duration, it depends on the train type you choose and the drop off point in Bangkok.

The trip duration for train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok could take around 11 to 14 hours. Rapid train is the slowest Train ticket chiang mai to bangkok could take even up to 15 hours. Fastest train is the Special Express train. Chiang Mai Train Station is located in the city but quite far away from the town centre.

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The town centre refers to the Old City of Chiang Mai, which is located around km to the east side of the train station. The Old City is where most of the attractions and accommodations for tourists are located. To go to Chiang Mai Train Station, most convenient yet most expensive option is by taxi. However, there are not many taxi in Chiang Mai and usually, they are not metered taxi. If you have no other option, please confirm the price with the driver before the ride.

Alternatively, you can use songthaews or tuk tuk. Songthaews is generally cheaper than tuk tuk as it operates like a minivan and pick up many passengers along the way.

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From the town centre to the train station should cost around THB depending on your bargaining skills. However, it is harder to get this price if you are a foreigner as they could charge up to THB for the ride. Tuk tuk is smaller if compared to songthaews and it works almost like a taxi. You can find many tuk tuk around Chiang Mai. The fare to the train station also depends on your location and your bargaining skills.

Don Mueang Train Station is the perfect drop off point especially for the tourists as it is located just beside Don Mueang International Airport. If you are planning to take a flight, book your train ticket with Don Mueang Station as the drop off point.

Therefore, if you are not planning to visit Bangkok, avoid the busy Train ticket chiang mai to bangkok bustling city with most probably congested traffic and stop at Don Mueang Train Station. Hua Lamphong Train Station is the main train station in Bangkok located in middle of the city centre. Hua Lamphong Train Station is normally very crowded with passengers. As its location is in the city centre, the transportation system is better compared to in Don Mueang Train Station. Therefore, once you Train ticket chiang mai to bangkok Bangkok, you can easily start to explore Bangkok with the available public transportation.

For the long distance trip, there are toilets on board for the passengers. Food and refreshments are also available from the food vendors for around Baht. They constantly patrol the carriages. Alternatively, you can bring your own food.

Some of the trains are accessible by wheelchair. You might want to contact Thai Railway beforehand to inform them if you need any help or arrangement. Bring your good books or laptop with movies to pass the time.

Also, book your train tickets online in advance, as the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is one of the most popular train trips in Thailand. You can secure your desired ticket type and avoid having to settle for a less comfortable seat.

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Train ticket chiang mai to bangkok

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