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I told my wife that I loved her on my wedding day. Do I need to keep telling her after that? I told my children when they turned 10 years old that I expect them to participate in the household chores. Should I have to tell them again? I am sure you have your own examples of similar situations. This is especially true in a Christian business. The bottom line is that vision leaks! Imagine that everybody in your company has a bucket and you have poured your vision for them into that bucket.

The bucket is now Vision leaks bill hybels of your vision. That should be enough, Vision leaks bill hybels There should be no need for further filling. You should be able to move on to the next idea, right? You see, those buckets leak! They leak vision from small holes in the bottom. They lose vision from people running around and spilling your vision wherever they go. Whether you like it or not, that one-time filling of their bucket is not enough. For them to keep enough vision in their buckets to stay on track, you are going to have to constantly refill and top off their buckets.

You may think that is unfair. You may even find your own bucket leaking and cannot see how you can possibly have enough to spare. Regardless, the filling must go on if the vision is to continue. Unfortunately, the vision of a Christian business is in direct opposition to normal business vision. While traditional businesses look at the monthly, quarterly, or even annual picture, the Christian business considers the eternal picture. While traditional business considers the benefit of the stockholders, a Christian business considers the benefit of everyone with whom it comes into contact.

When your vision is so opposed to the normal mindset, it is even more prone to leak. Acknowledge that vision leaks. If you do not first acknowledge that leakage is a problem, then you will never go any further to correct it. Accept responsibility. If you do not accept responsibility for the maintaining the vision buckets, then no one will. If you cast the vision, you must maintain it. Assess the leakage. Take the time to ask your leaders about their current grasp of the vision.

Ask people on the front lines about their focus. It will likely become very clear fairly quickly where the vision levels currently stand. Keep in mind, this is not a one-time thing. Due to continuous leakage, this is an ongoing responsibility. Overcommunicate the vision. Use various methods to do this, but do it. Tailor your message to the audience you are addressing. You should use different language and examples when talking to your top leadership versus Vision leaks bill hybels entry level employees. At the same time, maintain high expectations for both.

Here are some examples of some ways to communicate your vision. Catch employees doing things that fit the vision and publicly praise them for it. Give them a small token gift or reward for their actions. Encourage others to follow their example! Spread the vision DNA. This is especially more critical as your company grows beyond a handful of employees. As growth happens, you cannot be in enough places at once to maintain the vision on your own. You must appoint DNA carriers to help you spread it. These are people that are completely bought in to your vision and can teach it to others.

Charge them with helping you keep the buckets full. However, keep in Vision leaks bill hybels that DNA carriers still have leaky buckets as well! Keep your own bucket full. While you are likely the person carrying the bucket with the fewest leaks, you cannot assume your bucket will always stay full. You must schedule time alone on a regular basis for the purpose of refilling your own bucket.

From daily quiet times to quarterly retreats, there are various ways to accomplish this. Whatever your method, just make sure you do it! Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic. If in doubt, read My Comments Policy. Tell Them Again? Vision Leaks Imagine that everybody Vision leaks bill hybels your company has a bucket and you have poured your vision for them into that bucket. How do you keep the vision buckets full in your company? When is the last time you refilled your own bucket?

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Vision leaks bill hybels

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