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Here are 10 creative virtual date ideas that are good for couples and friends any time of the year! A simple, peaceful, date night idea. Gather your art supplies, hop in the video call, and open your favourite Bob Ross painting tutorial.

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Going through an escape room is something that has been on my bucket list for years, so it is lovely to know that this is something we can still do from the comfort of our homes! Walking through Museum exhibits is a tried and true classic date idea and thanks to the miracles of the internet is now something you can do with your loved one without getting out of your pajamas!

Tour the Louvre from your living room, experience exhibits from the Van Gogh Museum without leaving your desk, or take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian! Once the food gets to your door, hop on a video call, open your dinner together, and enjoy! If your love language is also food like me, but you and your partner want to try something new, try tag-teaming your dinner. Select one recipe for your partner and have them pick one for you, hop on that video call, and cook away! Great opportunity to build your communication skills!

Another great idea for a group date night is to test your wits and exercise your competitiveness by playing trivia or board games! Some free online party game platforms include Backyard and QuizWitzand a popular paid option for online party games is Jackbox Games.

I am a sucker for stargazing. Alternatively, if the weather permits, you and your date can Vitual date games outside in your respective backyards and try to describe to each other what you see in your part of the sky. Have strong opinions about what is the best insert noun here? Work with your partner to try to make it into a tier list! Here are some example topics:. Are you and your partner both creative types? Co-write a story! There are many ways you could interpret this: one person could write the characters and the other could write the setting, you could alternate writing scenes without telling the other what you have in mind, or you could even go mad-libs style and take turns writing the next word.

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31 Fun Virtual Date Ideas