When god makes you wait

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Waiting seasons can be really frustrating. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, and sometimes months turn into years. You wonder why God is making you wait so long? I want to help answer that question for you.

God allows us to wait for many different reasons. We see this a lot in scripture. God gives his people a promise and it takes years to happen. Here are a few of them. God may be preparing you for what he promised. Take King David, for example. We know that he was one of the most prolific kings of Israel but do we know how he became king? He was just a young shepherd When god makes you wait who God gave a promise. Through Samuel, the prophet, God told David that he would become the next king. But, it took many years. God had to prepare David so that when he became king, he knew how to actually be a king.

This could be the same When god makes you wait why you are waiting. God wants to prepare you for what he promised before he allows you to step into it. If you resist what God is doing in this season, you set yourself up for failure in the next. Next, God could be teaching you how to be patient. We often pray for patience and forget that the only way to become patient is by being patient.

Patience is hard, I know that. But good things require patience. Interestingly enough, the Bible says that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a seed. Seeds take time to grow into trees. Good gifts When god makes you wait God take time. Like seeds, they need care and attention. The gift God wants to give you is too good to be made in a microwave. God wants us to press into his presence and wait patiently before his throne.

The world has so many things they want to offer us on an instantaneous silver platter. But good God-sent blessings take time. Perhaps God may be strengthening your faith. Our entire Christian belief system rests on it.

Yes, Impossible. So, sometimes God allows us to walk through waiting seasons to help our faith grow stronger. Besides, faith in anything other than God is no faith at all. Can you trust him when you get the 37th rejection letter? God wants us to move away from having faith for things and begin having faith in him. At the end of the day, everything of this world will fade away.

He wants to strengthen your faith for that Kingdom promise, not just the things you desire here on earth. Ask yourself this: do you want the promise more than you want God? He knows our hearts. During the waiting, we learn to love God more than we love the things we desire. Abraham loved and trusted God so much that when God asked him to give up his only son, Isaac, he willingly complied, no questions asked. But none of them are worth trading my relationship with God.

Finally, you may be waiting on something God never promised you in the first place. The truth is, many of us are waiting on a promise that God never gave us. I hope this list has helped to clear things up for you. If you feel God is making you wait, hang in there. God will strengthen you in the middle of this if you let him. This season is just as ificant as the next. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I like fixing your eyes on Him instead of the promise.

I do believe His promises are yes and amen. The Holy spirit is there to guide you in His will. Great post. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! Sometimes it simply destroys you, breaks you down into fragments. And all the while God stands by, silently allowing it to happen. I can When god makes you wait attest to that.

But in the struggle, the best person to hold on to is God. But when I feel this way, I cling to what I know to be true about God. I trust that he is good and even when this waiting does not feel that way, I choose to hang on to this truth. our newsletter and get a free bible study guide! Learn More. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Loved the article? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Comments Also these points are great. Plus the fact we can really get to know God. Which is priceless! Thank you for reading Ava! I agree, the beauty of knowing God is so priceless!

I struggle in the waiting seasons, and this was such a good word for me. God bless! Thank you for reading. Thank you for an insightful article. He praye. The Character of God - Exodus Reflection. I wrote about repentance on the blog this week.

When god makes you wait

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How to Be Patient When God Makes You Wait