Who is rihanna dating now 2014

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From the rumored relationships — such as Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake — to her confirmed and longtime i. One thing is clear, Rihanna does not have a type. From sports stars, film stars and singers, she is an equal opportunity dater! How Hassan Jameelthe Saudi billionaire, and Rihanna met is not quite clear, but on June 27,they were seen together in Ibiza, according to Vogue. There are rumors that the pair first hooked up in Tokyo where Jameel went to college back in April of The automobile entrepreneur is no stranger to dating famous women — he and Naomi Campbell were seen together for a period.

It seemed to get serious when they spent that birthday at the Staples Center at a Los Angeles Lakers game — not Who is rihanna dating now 2014 a hub of privacy! Their relationship was totally casual, according to Ellewhenever they shared an area code.

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Since then, the pair was spotted across the globe simply hanging out. It is possible that the movie star and the singer are now merely just friends. Rihanna is neither. This could explain why whatever she and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star had was never fully pursued. In February of when she celebrated turning 30 with a bash, Vanity Fair reported that DiCaprio snuck in to her utter delight. Timing is everything. She had just split from Brown, and things with Drake never fully materialized. She saw him as more of a friend, but he saw things differently.

After the awards show, they were spotted out on the town, according to Billboard.

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It appeared to go nowhere, and they called it off when it became clear that they were better friends than anything more. It is what it is. Who would have thought that the Barbados-born chanteuse would have anything in common with Kylie Jenner? Rihanna and Scott hooked up briefly during after sparking romance rumors with their obvious chemistry during New York Fashion Week, according to E! After being seen on four separate evenings during that fabled fashion week, and again during Paris Fashion Week, the pair were never again seen together romantically. It appeared as if those two were one month and done.

Thankfully for him, the Cleveland Cavaliers player can Who is rihanna dating now 2014 known for more than simply being the guy who was not aware of how much time was left on the clock during game one of the NBA Finals in On the basketball side of things, the player has had an impressive career.

Sadly, J. Smith will likely be most known for having cost the Cavaliers a chance to win the first game of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors … and hooking up with Rihanna when he was with the New York Knicks during Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher hooked up? You bet! Their eight-week fling, as the Daily Mail called it, began when the pair met at a Hollywood house party in But Kutcher would eventually start dating Mila Kunis and the stars of That 70s Show would get serious ending anything more with Rihanna.

Music videos have been known like film sets to provide a landscape for people to get together romantically or at least physically. The pair seemed like an adorable couple and were exclusive. I have such a chaotic life, but at the end of the day, that is just my peace. It keeps me sane, really, talking to him and Who is rihanna dating now 2014 to my family. Former Washington Wizard basketball player Rashard Lewis and Rihanna went on a few dates back in Again, as a professional athlete, he is constantly traveling and as a singing superstar and actressRiRi is hardly in the same place more than a few nights at a time.

Perhaps Rihanna helped Justin Timberlake bring sexy back? The two were both famous singers and aspiring actors with the Midas touch. Clearly, the actress and The Social Network star worked it out as they have been married since October 19, One date was it, according to Parade. There are a lot of men out there and women who would treasure the chance to spend a single evening with Rihanna. This one is complicated They left a Grammys party, and he received a text from another woman. And I wouldn't drop it. You can't even go out with a friend who's a celebrity and have a good time without people making expletive up Radar Online explored the topic and, of course, both parties denied it ever occurred.

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Who is rihanna dating now 2014

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Rihanna’s Dating History: A Timeline of Her Romances and Flings