Why not sex before marriage

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By Iris Mahoney July 10, But the conversation that followed, and that continued to surface for the next decade or more, had much more impact than the explanation of conception. Sex is for marriage.

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You should wait to find the right person. And so I waited. I dated casually but never went all the way. So much so that, when I finally did meet someone special, during university, I made him wait for. Until he put a ring on it, when I was well into my 20s. The truth was, our sex life was never great.

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I never felt the kind of fireworks you see in the movies. It was adequate and I did get off from time to time, but I never felt the kind of connection other people described. And eventually, when we were trying to conceive our children, and Why not sex before marriage knew I was ovulating? Double check. Intimacy had never been a priority for us to begin with, so when you add in colicky babies, years of disrupted sleep and the chaos of having three children under four, our sex life had no hope in hell.

My heart leaped into my throat. It was confirmation of what I already knew, to a point—that the gap between my husband and me was widening by the minute, and that it was all but irreparable. But still, there it was, painful and glaring: visible proof of a problem that had been growing for years.

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And we had tried: couples counselling, sex therapy and even at one point considering an open marriage, but that was pretty much a non-starter for me. What does matter is that I know, deep down, the dissolution of my marriage was rooted in the lack of physical connection, even in the earliest stages of our relationship. Had I known better, had I understood what sexual chemistry feels like—that marriages are about more than just getting along and sharing the mundane day-in and day-out work of raising a family—I think I would have made a different choice back when that Why not sex before marriage, lovely man got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I loved my husband as a person, and I will always hold fast to the fact that he was a decent partner, and he remains a good dad. On the day he moved out of our family home, I hugged him goodbye. It was the final milestone in our life together, as a couple. It does. It did. Even kissing feels different. I want the whole package. At 41, I finally have the experience to know what I want and what I need—and I will not Why not sex before marriage.

I will teach them that their bodies are their own, and that they only have one, and that choices about sex should be taken seriously. I will do my best to be honest, to answer their questions, to make sure they are equipped to make good decisions. And I will not tell them to wait. I will not put that on them.

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I want them to be able to connect with their partners in a way I was never able to connect with their dad. This article was originally published online in July Photo: iStockphoto. It was all very clinical—penis in vagina, sperm to egg.

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Why not sex before marriage

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